November 24, 2020
Home row machine Ergatta turns workouts into a racing game - Video

Home row machine Ergatta turns workouts into a racing game – Video

Now more than ever, you’re probably asking yourself, is there a good way to work out at home?
You’re staying home to stay safe, but you still gotta stay fit and you got to keep moving to get your mind off all this stuff.
How about a home.
Rowing machine.
This is a rowing machine that I already own at home and use.
But a few weeks ago, I got to try out a new connected version of this.
That takes the typical solo workout experience and makes it a competition with others.
Come on.
I can’t be overspaced.
Okay, good.
I’m not totally the worst.
I have a hard time finding the motivation to workout but I think I’d be better at working out if it was more like a video game.
And that’s the idea behind this.
This is the god digital rower.
It is a machine you would have in your home but you compete against other people online, let me show you how it works.
There’s different options here depending on what you want to do, but I want to race against others.
That’s the fun of this machine.
So let’s scroll down to a quick race.
And you can race against yourself or others, but this is for people who have already done this particular challenge.
I’m going against these folks who are not racing in real time.
They’ve already done it.
I’m just racing against their stats.
It’ll feel like it’s real time.
Eventually it will be.
Pre-race warm up.
All right.
Let me skip the warm up a bit.
All right.
Here we go.
4, 3, 2, 1. Wait.
Wait, no behind everybody.
No, it’s measuring How fast I’m going with also the way I’m doing my strokes.
So maybe I need a little more work.
No, no, no, no, no, I have to be somebody here.
Come on.
All right, that’s me.
Clearly not dead last, so that’s good.
[LAUGH] And I can see how I’m doing here with total distance.
And my output how many calories I burned.
Okay, I’m winded clearly, I’m not very fit compared to these other people.
But that’s the point of this machine is a little smart.
It’s going to be able to see how I’m doing and put me in a race with people who are similar to my skill set.
And that is the point.
I get so discouraged when I feel like I’m not good enough or I’m not doing as well as others in the class.
The race I just did wasn’t live but the point is to get it so that you can race in real time with people with these rowing machines at their home.
Right now this machine is about to come out, it has 300 users, but it’s coming out in March and you would be training like this like you would a marathon, you would be doing the different courses Training different times, but when there’s a live race, you’d want to get home and be there to jump into the libraries.
fun little fact the name or Gada comes from two words or gamma, which is a rowing machine and regatta which is a boat race.
When I’m sitting on here though, is not the The New Earth Gada it is a rowing machine that looks very similar.
I’ve had it for a few months now it’s called the city road go also made by water rower.
And it has an arm where you can attach a phone or a tablet and if you want even subscribe to their workout program.
But what I really liked about what I saw in that demo was the whole turning the boring workout in Into a game that’s really unique here.
If you’re shopping around for something like this, a very basic water rover is going to start around $1,000 but their version of the regatta that’s $2,000 plus you have to take into account the $30 monthly fee if you want that whole experience.
Now as part of the price they are waiving the end.
Installation delivery fee, you can install it yourself.
It’s really easy, you don’t need special tools.
They also are gonna be including two months free of that service so you can try it out.
And they’re gonna be donating $100 for every purchase to the covid 19, really fun Meals on Wheels programme.
So that’s a good thing too.
Of course, the key to making the regatta experience addictive is having a large community to race with.
Right now you cannot pick who you race with, but I would love to see a feature where I can say, hey, here’s the event I’m having.
I can have live races with friends or just live races with anyone.
They’re working on that in the future.
But right now you can’t pick it, it’s just totally random who gets.
Paired with and that’s gonna be the key to the success here.
The more people are on it, the better the community, the more fun it’s gonna be.
Stay strong out there.

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