February 28, 2021
Holiday gift returns made easy - Video

Holiday gift returns made easy – Video

This is CNET and here’s some helpful tips.
You need to return any of those gifts you just received.
Did you happen to receive a gift that you’re not exactly thrilled with?
Well, just like everything in 2020, you’ll probably want a refund.
Odds are you can return it, especially if you received it from a retailer like Amazon or a big box store like Best Buy Target or Walmart.
Most stores have fairly lenient return policies, but there’s nothing better than a gift receipt.
If you received a gift card, things get a little more complicated.
You don’t want it and you know you’ll never use it to spend money at a given store.
Your options are limited.
You can use a third party site like cardpool, but they’ll take a cut Your best bet may be in fact to find a friend to sell it to.
And finally, there’s anything to take away.
It’s at the most important thing you can do when giving gifts is to provide a gift receipt.
That’s the best way to ensure your recipient won’t have an issue with your gift.
It’s also a great way to avoid an awkward situation if that gift you bought wasn’t exactly what your loved one was looking for.
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