March 9, 2021
Hisense unveils its newest projectors at CES 2021 - Video

Hisense unveils its newest projectors at CES 2021 – Video

Have been achieved.
Then let us watch a short video.
Thanks to the sufficient market computation and the rapid upgrading of products.
Laser TV is receiving better consumer reviews.
In June 2020.
The consumer electronics survey office of the China electronics Chamber of Commerce, released the China TV after sales service and consumer satisfaction survey report 2020
They researched TV consumers over the past three years, and the results show that later TV has the highest recommendation rate at 70%.
Greatly exceeding the industry average of 54.
Today we introduce the new TriChroma laser TV production line and the start the era of TriChroma laser in 2021.
We design a new RGB laser light source architecture.
different color lasers are separately packaged and finely controlled.
Which resulted in pure colour performance is a high class DLP solution featuring double area and micro mirrors of regular DMD.
Tree Chroma can achieve 20% brightness enhancement at the pixel level And is 430 nice picture brightness exceeds that of regular TV.
The new three Chroma laser TV also comes equipped with a 100 inch free nail giant screen feature renea enhanced, wide view angle that eliminates a main light.
Since laser TV displays images by reflection, I comfort is even 20% better than printed paper.
It brings you closer to the screen 12 feet or closer.
It offers you an immersive feeling.
So you feel like you’re in a Hollywood blockbuster or deep ocean documentary.
Now I would like to discuss the color experience in house moment.
That TriChromaLaser.

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