May 27, 2020
High-tech tools to detect coronavirus - Video

High-tech tools to detect coronavirus – Video

Early detection with the Coronavirus is key as it could help stop it’s spread.
Here are some high tech tools and wearable devices that could one day alert people of the sickness before the symptoms show.
[UNKNOWN] is a smart ring that can track a wearer’s heart rate, body temperature and sleep.
The data that syncs with an app to alert whereas of any noticeable changes, prompting them to seek medical attention before any serious symptoms present.
Right now the University of California San Francisco is conducting an oral study with 150,000 wares around the world, including 2000 healthcare workers who have a good chance of coming into contact with the virus.
The hope is to collect enough data to build an algorithm to better protect symptoms, especially of COVID-19.
Or isn’t the only wearable that might be able to help detect early signs.
Traditional wearable devices like the ones from Fitbit, Apple and Garmin could also be useful.
Script’s research is conducting a study to see if heart rate, combined with the user’s symptoms could point toward infection.
Also a smart thermometer made by Kinsa syncs with an app to help users diagnose symptoms and find treatment.
During this pandemic it’s collecting health data from its two million users to alert authorities of clusters of elevated temperatures For more tech news, visit
I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET or CBS news.

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