February 28, 2021
HealthyU delivers a 7-lead ECG to your doorstep - Video

HealthyU delivers a 7-lead ECG to your doorstep – Video

HD medical wants to bridge the gap between your home and the doctor’s office with healthy you a little device that can measure your vitals remotely and feed them directly to your medical provider.
Telemedicine has become a necessity during the global pandemic with more and more patients taking consultations on the phone or on video chat to avoid stepping foot in the clinic.
But there is still a lot that can’t be measured remotely and that’s where HealthyU comes in.
Now, using it doesn’t require medical degree, all you have to do is place it on top of your chest making sure, That two of your fingers are on top of the two electrodes on the front.
It also has electrodes on the back as well as a temperature and optical sensor, which combined, can track all this data.
Now it is important to note that this is not meant to replace a hospital grade ECG which has 12 leads, but the seven leads on the healthy you still paint a much broader picture than a lot of the other devices that we would be able to use at home.
Say for example, a smartwatch Like the Apple watch or the Samsung galaxy watch or the Fitbit sense, which all have electrocardiograms as well.
But these only have one lead.
You can also move it around to different points on your chest to get even more information
It then pairs with your computer or your smartwatch.
So that you can send all this data to your doctor for interpretation.
Well not a diagnostic tool yet, it can be a helpful screening tool to help your doctor figure out if your issue does in fact require an in person visit.
The company plans to roll out this device to both help providers and consumers later this year.
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