February 26, 2021
GTA V's dumbest meme re-created IRL with the game's actual actors

GTA V’s dumbest meme re-created IRL with the game’s actual actors




Grand Theft Auto V originally came out in 2013, yet it remains one of the most popular, highest-selling games today. As proof of its ongoing relevancy, YouTube channel PlayStation Haven racked up over a million views with a video reenacting one of GTA’s most meme-tastic scenes between characters Franklin and Lamar.

The twist is the reenactment uses the actual actors who voiced those characters back in 2013: Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) and Gerald “Slink” Johnson (Lamar). The video is a teaser for an online series called GTA V Real-Life Comparisons, starring Slink, which compares the game’s Los Santos city to the city that inspired it, Los Angeles. 

Warning: Graphic language in all the clips below. 

Watching the above clip with zero context may prove befuddling. It’s a scene that’s retained internet fame within the GTA online community for years, thanks to the phrase “yee yee ass haircut.” In fact, “yee yee ass haircut” has its own Know Your Meme and Urban Dictionary pages. 

The community has tickled itself by inserting characters like Darth Vader, Vegeta and Snow White in the role of Lamar, and dubbing over it so these characters “roast” Franklin. Poor Franklin.  

GTA V launched on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Eight years and a PS4/Xbox One remaster later, the game has sold over 120 million units. Upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S editions of the game, plus Rockstar’s continuous work on GTA Online, will see to it that GTA V keeps on keepin’ on for more years, too.

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