April 14, 2021
Google Photos app working on 'pinch-to-zoom' gesture, report says

Google Photos app working on ‘pinch-to-zoom’ gesture, report says


Google Photos might finally give users more video editing options.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Google Photos appears to be working on a pinch-to-zoom style feature for video editing, according to a report from Android Police on Monday. In a post, a Reddit user also described having accidentally discovered the feature. 

“[W]hile playing back a video, I double tapped my screen accidentally and the video filled the screen,” the user posted. “I could also pinch the screen to zoom in.” 

If the feature is available for your phone, you’ll just need to try double-tapping on any video in Google Photos to see if it fills your phone’s screen, according to Android Police’s report. Double-tapping again will return the video to its original dimensions. You can also reportedly pinch-to-zoom while the video is playing and pan around. 

After scrolling through the Reddit comments, the new feature appears to be working for some and not others, so Google may be rolling this out quietly. For example, Android Police had success with the feature on a Pixel 5 with v5.27.0.353915353 build of the app. This is the same phone and build I use, and it didn’t work for me. 

CNET has reached out to Google for more information, and we’ll update this story when we hear back.  

While more video editing tools in Google Photos would be welcome, don’t forget that the app’s unlimited free storage policy is coming to a close on June 1.

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