March 2, 2021
Goodbye to the tech we lost in 2020 - Video

Goodbye to the tech we lost in 2020 – Video

This is CNET.
And for today’s report, we’re looking back at all the tech that medic ends in 2020.
This year we say goodbye to the face computer, everyone loved to hate the original Google Glass.
The wearable met its end when Google stopped supporting it with software updates.
It looked like a prop out of Star Trek, but it also left folks uncomfortable with a camera always pointing at people.
We also bid farewell to the original two wheeled segway, the ultimate geeky personal transport made popular among tourists and mall cops.
The biggest failure in the video streaming world goes to kwibi a service that didn’t last seven months.
It cost $5 a month to watch videos that were 10 minutes or shorter and you could only watch it on your phone.
This was also the end of the line for the essential phone back in 2017, the PH-1 was the first Essential Phone.
And it was also the last there were plans to make other phones but the company said it was closing and would never make any of its other prototypes.
Perhaps the hardest goodbye goes to Toshiba.
After 35 years, that Toshiba laptop is dead, the Japanese company sold the remaining scraps of its PC business.
Sharp, named its line of computers Dynabook.
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