September 22, 2020
Go Dutch and save on Cuisinart cast-iron cookware starting at $55

Go Dutch and save on Cuisinart cast-iron cookware starting at $55


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I hate to break it to you, but we’re moving full steam into cast-iron cooking season. (Don’t shoot the messenger, please.) While summer is by no means over, fall stews, soups and braises are creepin’ around the corner and a cast-iron enameled Dutch oven may be the best way to ready yourself. Right now, Amazon has three pieces of the good stuff — available in either peony pink or cobalt blue — on major discount, some down as much as $60. This is a smart time to buy cast iron too, since it’s right before the demand really hits. (Hence Le Creuset’s Factory sale, also taking place now if you’re looking for a luxury Dutch oven.) 

But back to the deal at hand: Cuisinart’s 7-quart Dutch oven is just $70 at this moment. That’s $30 less than its normal price and $60 less than its counterparts in other colors. There’s also a smaller 5.5-quart cast iron round for $55 (down from $90), and a handled 12-inch chicken fryer pot for $70. This is a one-day sale and it’s already a few hours in, so you’ll want to nab one of these quickly while they’re still in stock.

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