February 27, 2021
GM unveils BrightDrop, a futuristic delivery system for packages - Video

GM unveils BrightDrop, a futuristic delivery system for packages – Video

We hope by now that you are starting to see how we intend to deliver on our vision of zero emissions.
Not just by making zero emission vehicles, but by using the transition to an all electric vehicle future as an opportunity to reimagine how we move.
Making our future something people raced toward.
But we’re not stopping there because this is also an opportunity to reimagine how goods are moved.
I’m pleased to announce bright drop a new business from General Motors that reimagines commercial delivery and logistics for an all electric feature.
Brake drop provides an ecosystem of smart connected products including electric vehicles and software enabled services, offering commercial delivery companies a platform for sustainable growth.
Families manage a few cars at a time.
Delivery companies manage 1000s even hundreds of 1000s of vehicles.
They are on the frontlines of efforts to reduce vehicle emissions and congestion.
As many countries around the world set limits on commercial delivery vehicles, while at the same time trying to meet rapidly rising demand for e commerce services.
That means processing millions of packages coming from an increasingly diverse number of businesses.
While meeting changing expectations about how long people are willing to wait for those packages to reach their door.
The pandemic has only accelerated those challenges.
As this sector became our lifeline to goods and services, we could no longer access in person.
Bright drop represents an all new approach with a dedicated platform, leveraging altium to provide precisely what our customers are asking for.
It aims to provide this sector with products, software and services as well as support that they need to move goods from warehouse shelf to front door as efficiently and safely as possible.
Bright shops goal is to transform delivery and logistics for an all electric future.
It includes an expanding range of connected all electric products, and the tools and services to make those products work together efficiently, intelligently and all with less impact on the environment.
It starts with a bright drop EP one and electric propelled pallet that helps reduce the time and physical effort required for couriers to get goods from the delivery van to the front door.
Goods are consolidated and loaded into the EP, one at the warehouse based on their destination.
The brake job mobile asset management platform connects to the EP ones.
So key information like location, battery status and more can be viewed remotely.
The EP one’s electric motor makes it easier for couriers to move around.
It speed adjusts up to three miles per hour, depending, on the couriers walking pace.
The pallets are purpose designed, for optimal loading, into delivery vehicles, and can be tethered together for larger drops, helping to reduce, errors, secure packages, reduce the strain on drivers, and enable more efficient deliver.
Don’t be surprised to see couriers leading EV ones down our sidewalks in the next few months.
Then of course we have the all new bright drop, EV 600 Electric van.
The bright drop, EV 600 will be built on the altium platform using the same high energy modular architecture.
Is targeted to provide up to 250 miles of range while optimizing available cargo space.
It’s lightweight purpose built to carry bright drop up ones.
It has segment leading active safety features and zero emissions.
It will also be part of the connected family of bright job products, which delivery companies can manage remotely.
Via our BrightDrop fleet management platform to help optimize vehicle use and oversee energy management.
The first EV600s will be delivered towards the end of this year.
The BrightDrop integrated ecosystem will leverage a combination of BrightDrop sales and service network.
As well as a newly established bright drop dealer Network for sales and service support for the EV 600’s and the bright drop bp1 and Evie 600 are just the first of an expanding range of products that will connect seamlessly for increasing efficiency.
A number of bright job concepts are being explored such as a medium distance solution that transports multiple EP ones and a rapid load delivery concept designed to load and unload EP ones on and off the vehicle with ease, freeing up valuable co space Quickly and just like our consumer vehicles we’re committed to help make the transition to a smarter all electric future as easy as possible.
To support these products and services we will help customers set up charging infrastructure and provide access to parts service and more Brake drop is a single destination for delivery companies that wanna make the transition to a more sustainable future, moving goods more efficiently to help reduce congestion and lower emissions, helping electrify and industry.
Bright drop is the result of working with commercial customers listening to their challenges and leveraging our technology to help meet their needs.
To further innovation, bright drop has partnered with another iconic American company and a global leader of Express distribution FedEx Express.
I’ve asked Richard Smith of FedEx Express to tell you more.
Thanks, Mary.
FedEx has spent the last several years implementing innovative solutions to prepare our business for the exponential growth in e commerce.
That forward looking effort really paid off for our customers during the pandemic.
In the last nine months, we’ve seen e-commerce accelerate to levels that weren’t anticipated for another three to five years.
And as people have experienced the ease with which they can now get an incredible range of goods delivered directly to their doors, we don’t expect them to go back when the pandemic is over.
Put it into context.
We expect us residential deliveries to reach 100 million packages a day by 2023, which is three years earlier than previously estimated.
We also continue to see growth and the need for Express time definite delivery in industries like healthcare, technology and aerospace and automotive manufacturing.
Right now we are shipping hundreds of thousands of doses and soon to be millions of Covid-19 vaccines through our express network.
So our need for reliable sustainable transportation has never been more important.
BrightDrop is a perfect example of the innovations we’re adopting to continue to transform our company.
Right drop products will help FedEx Express handle unprecedented demand, improve the safety, security and timeliness of deliveries, reduce our environmental impact and protect the well being of our couriers.
In an initial pilot we ran with the bright drop EP, one, our FedEx Express couriers were able to effectively and safely handle 25% more packages per day.
The feedback from our team members has been excellent.
The EP ones were easy to manoeuvre and helped to reduce physical strain.
We’re so pleased we have a second EP one pilot plan to take place this quarter and we’re expecting the results to be even more impactful.
We’re also planning to add to our existing electric vehicle fleet by partnering with bright drop to introduce the EV600 to our lineup.
We are the first company slated to receive the Evie 600, pictured here behind me and plan to expand upon that initial commitment to rapidly adopt electricity as a vehicle fuel for years to come.
It’s part of our FedEx Earth smart program and our sustainability strategy of reduce Replace and revolutionize.
In this, it does all three, especially revolutionizing for a future with less emissions.
And it is consistent with our role of connecting people and possibilities around the world responsively and resourcefully.
We believe BrightDrop will allow for improvements and efficiency at scale Lowering operational cost per mile while improving services for our customers, and of course, solve real issues around emissions and congestion.
Thanks, Richard.
This is just the beginning of what FedEx Express and bright drop will do together.
And I couldn’t be more optimistic for the strives we will take to build a smarter, more sustainable future for the delivery industry.
As BrightDrop demonstrates and as you saw with the GMC Hummer EV the

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