January 22, 2021
Get this Cuisinart air fryer oven for just $70

Get this Cuisinart air fryer oven for just $70



Air fryers are undeniably the darling of the kitchen appliance world of late and there’s good reason for that. All it takes is a casual scroll through the user reviews of this Cuisinart air fryer on sale at Best Buy and you’ll see exactly what I mean. They provide cover for eating traditionally not-so-healthy snacks like crispy chicken wings, fries and empanadas, all without all the extra fat and calories that come with oil-frying. Right now an extremely well-rated Cuisinart air fryer oven is down $30 to just $70 at Best Buy. That’s $30 cheaper than we found it anywhere else, including Amazon, and includes free shipping.

One issue people have with a traditional air fryer is the somewhat minimal cooking capacity in relation to the total space the machine takes up, but this Cuisinart air fryer helps solves that problem. It’s an air fryer, yes, but instead of the awkward basket found in most air fryers, it sports a more traditional oven interior with room for up to 2.5 pounds of food. Plus, the glass window allows you to see cooking progress in real time, which is far more useful than you may realize. 

Don’t just take my word for it: Even those who paid full price for the oven were overjoyed with the buy, like Lutini, who said in a review: “I decided after reading the reviews on all of the air fryers and looking at the prices that ranged from about $89-300 that I would try Cuisinart. It was $99 and I love it.” 

The deal runs through today or until supplies run out. 

First published earlier this year. Updated with latest deal details.

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