December 3, 2020
Get these AirPods Pro alternatives for only $45

Get these AirPods Pro alternatives for only $42

The FlyBuds feature active noise canceling and decent sound with a bit of extra emphasis on bass. 

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Can’t afford the AirPods Pro — or just don’t want to pay $235 for them? Well, Tribit has a new set of budget true wireless earbuds, the FlyBuds ANC, that feature reasonably effective active noise canceling (with a transparency mode), fit comfortably and deliver pretty decent sound. They list for $60 but can be had for $42 when you input the code LBDFLYNC at checkout on Amazon. To be clear, they aren’t as good as the AirPods Pro, but they cost less than a quarter of the price. And this code, which is good through Sept. 7, makes this the best price ever on these earbuds, even lower than a $45 deal I told you about last month. 

They also do a fairly solid job of reducing background noise when you’re making calls. In my tests, with a lot of background noise, they warbled a little from time to time, but they did tamp down ambient sound. In a quiet room, callers said they could hear me well and that my voice was clear.

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Soundwise, they have a little bit of bass push so they’re a little warmer and lack a bit of clarity, but if you listen to bass-heavy music, they have some decent kick to them. Just don’t expect a really dynamic headphone with refined sound.

Their compact case charges via USB-C and battery life is rated at 8 hours, with the charging case delivering an extra two charges. They’re IPX4 water-resistant (splashproof), so you can work out with them.

I do think the Mpow X3 earbuds are slightly better — their sound is a notch up — and they only cost $5 more ($50) with a $10 instant coupon on Amazon. They’re definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for budget noise-canceling earbuds. But the Tribit FlyBuds ANC earbuds are also a good value at $42.

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