May 25, 2020
Get the Fluance RT80 entry-level turntable for $170

Get the Fluance RT80 entry-level turntable for $170



There was a certain excitement in the days before digital. If you were an audiophile
— or aspiring to be one — reading and understanding the specs on a turntable was critical, because there was a huge difference in audio quality between the entry-level audio gear you started out with and the unaffordable stuff you read about in stereo magazines. Unlike modern digital audio players, for example, turntables were mechanical devices and the sound was easily affected by how precisely the motor could turn the platter to stay at exactly the right pitch. Want to explore the old days of vinyl? You’re in luck; right now you can get the Fluance RT80 Classic High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable for $169.96. That’s $30 off the usual price.

The RT80 is Fluance’s entry-level turntable, and as such, it omits a lot of the high-end flourishes you’ll find on its bigger brothers. Don’t look for a solid wood body, for example; the RT80 is made from fiberboard. And the cartridge is Audio Technica’s AT91. It is perfectly fine, but there are many pricier cartridges with higher fidelity.

But despite the compromises, the RT80 is an excellent turntable, especially considering the price. Amazon buyers give it 4.5 stars based on about 280 ratings, and the specs are as good, if not better, than the last midrange turntable I owned 15 years ago before going all-digital. This deal should be available through April 28.

What’s your take? Do you you value vinyl and enjoy mucking around with analog hardware like turntables, or are you perfectly happy with your digital music and streaming services? Sound off in the comments. 

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