November 28, 2020
Get a Motorola Moto E6 and 1 year of service for $60

Get a Motorola Moto E6 and 1 year of service for $60


Motorola’s E6 originally sold for $150. Now you can get it for $60, including a whole year of service. 

Lori Grunin, CNET

Yesterday was iPhone SE launch day, and while there are some pretty good iPhone SE deals to be had, nothing comes close to this. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Tracfone via eBay has the Motorola Moto E6 and one-year service plan for $59.99. You also get your choice of cases and a car charger.

I don’t recall ever seeing a phone deal quite this generous. Although the service plan is limited — 1,500 minutes, 1,500 texts and 1.5GB of high-speed data — it might be more than adequate for some users. Indeed, for those quarantined at home, Wi-Fi can handle the heavy lifting for nearly everything. You can, for example, make calls and send messages using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. You can stream video without touching a byte of your data plan. Update: This allotment of minutes, messages and data is for one year, not monthly as previously reported.

When you’re out in the world, Tracfone relies on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon networks. I’m not sure how it’s determined which one you’ll end up on or if you’re allowed to choose that yourself. The phone itself supports all of them, at least in its global version. This one is carrier-locked; you’ll have to contact Tracfone if you want to know the unlocking policy.

The Moto E6 is a budget phone, no doubt about it. It has a 5.5-inch screen, a headphone jack, splash protection and a removable battery. There’s also a microSD slot for expanding the 16GB of onboard storage. Read Eli Blumenthal’s Moto E6 hands-on to learn more.

Here’s the thing: The phone originally sold for $150. Now it’s $60 with an entire year of service. For a teenager, a senior citizen or anyone with modest phone needs or a modest phone budget, this is pretty amazing.

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Moto E6: Hands-on with Motorola’s $150 phone


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Get the tabletop PC game For the King free (save $20)


For the King is free right now; you’ve got until April 30 to add it to your library.

Curve Digital

Looking for a new game to play, either by yourself or with socially distanced friends? Here’s a gem: For a limited time, Epic Games is offering the turn-based strategy RPG For the King absolutely free. It would cost you $20 if you bought it via Steam.

As with all other Epic freebies (and there have been some great ones in recent weeks), this requires you to have an Epic account and use the Epic client software — both free as well.

For the King is a turn-based, tabletop-style game for fans of fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons and all that good stuff. You can play it alone or online with friends. GameSpot hasn’t reviewed it, but other reviews I’ve seen are quite positive overall.

If you’ve already played the game, hit the comments and let me know if you think it’s worth the download!

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