February 28, 2021
Galaxy S21 Ultra: Our first look at Samsung's new premium phone - Video

Galaxy S21 Ultra: Our first look at Samsung’s new premium phone – Video

Hello, here is your first look at Samsung’s newest top of the line flagship phone.
The Galaxy S21 Ultra.
It’s the follow up to last year’s ridiculously SPECT and ridiculously priced S20 Ultra
It’s part of the new Galaxy S21 lineup that Samsung announced and I have a separate video all about the S21 and S21 plus that you should take a look at.
The S21 Ultra picks up where the S 20 Ultra left off and as anything and everything Samsung could put into a phone.
And yet, despite headline were the additions of new cameras and a new display, the biggest deal with the Galaxy S 21 Ultra is actually something Samsung took off of the phone.
And that’s $200.
The S 21 Ultra starts at $1200, which is still a lot, but much cheaper than the $1400 price of the original S 20 altra.
I mean.
$200 even when there isn’t a global pandemic going on, that’s a lot of money.
So let’s take a look at what 12 $100 gets you in 2021 from samsa.
The design well isn’t radically different but that Domino size camera bump now spills over to the sides of the phone, which I think looks good.
I wanna get the phone in my hands to see how concrete the camera bump is.
Cuz it’s kinda hard to tell from photos alone.
The S21 Ultra comes in Phantom Black, which in video looks It’s really amazing and Phantom silver that replaces the not so attractive, dark gray on last year’s S 20 ultra, both the front and back are covering gorilla glass Victus, which we first saw on the galaxy S 20 ultra around the front is a 6.8 inch.
Screen that is, ever so slightly smaller than the 6.9 inch one on last year’s ultra.
The S 21 Ultra keeps the same resolution, the same 120 hertz variable refresh rate that makes everything look buttery smooth and it has the same centered hole punch.
That houses the same 40 megapixel selfie camera.
All of which is impressive.
New this year is a feature called the eye comfort keeled that adjusts the amount of blue light based on the time of day and the content on screen to help reduce eye fatigue.
We’ll have to wait until we get an alternate to see how well it works.
Samsung claims this display is 25% brighter.
Yeah, so, imagine waking that screen up in the middle of the night.
The ultra display also gets a 50% increase in contrast, giving it a 3 million to 1 ratio.
Look, I know numbers might not mean much to you, but For reference the iPhone 12 Pro max as well as the F 20 Ultra both have a 2 million to one ratio and both look outstanding.
I’m so excited to see what the S 21 Ultra screen looks like in person in between the high refresh rate, increased brightness and Contrast, I can’t even finish my sentence because my brain can’t compute what it will look like.
Now I sound like a bit of an infomercial here but that’s not all.
The display also get a larger ultrasonic fingerprint reader and now has Wakeham, technology, the company that makes the stylus and tablets you see.
Graphic Designers using this means the S 21 Ultra supports the use of the S Pen from the Galaxy Note line of phones.
This is the first Galaxy S phone to offer S Pen support.
Meaning you can draw take notes, edit photos, sign documents and more.
Get sound like an infomercial here, but there are a few copies.
Yeah, it’s the S 21 ultra doesn’t come with an S Ben, so you can either buy a new one for 40 bucks, or do you already have a galaxy notes phone and use it as pin from it?
The S 21 ultra doesn’t support Bluetooth and SPN gesture functionality.
For example, it can’t send you a leap behind notification.
And there isn’t a built in place on the ultra to store the S Pen.
However, Samson will be selling cases for the ultra.
That includes S Pen storage.
Does this mean the end of the galaxy.
Note line of phones, honestly, I don’t know.
But I’d say it’s more about Samsung expanding the S Pen rather than killing off the note.
Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever talked about a phone display this much in a video.
Let’s move on to the cameras which are pretty much exactly the same aside from three changes.
First there is no longer a time of flight camera for depth info.
Next is the addition of laser auto-focus.
Which we saw in the galaxy note, 20 ultra.
This should address some of the auto-focus problems we experienced with the S 20 ultra, especially when recording video.
And last there are now two telephoto cameras.
As one with a three times optical zoom, and the other with a 10 times optical zoom.
The S 21 Ultra still has the infamous 100 times space zoom but gone is the on camera labeling.
Samsung paired the two telephoto cameras together.
So when you’re zooming in it combined data from both To create zoomed in photos with better image quality.
Samsung says that this telephoto experience is also more stable than the 100 timespace zoom on the original as 20 Ultra.
Now on paper the dual telephoto cameras seem smart because whether you zoom in relatively close or rather far.
You’re gonna hit optical zoom at two points.
Remember optical zoom provides the most pure undistorted images.
Most phones have a single telephoto camera with a single optical zoom link.
Now in Pro mode, you can capture 12 bit raw photos.
The F 21.
Ultra can also record 8k video at 24 frames per second, but for the first time it can report.
4k video at 60 frames per second.
There are also new video features including director’s view which lets you preview all of your cameras on screen at once and select the best shot and blogger view which lets you capture video from both the front and rear cameras at the same time.
Really excited to try out some of these video features.
On the whole, these camera additions and upgrades are definitely not revolutionary.
And we have to test them to see how they hold up in the real world to see their strengths and well maybe their weaknesses.
apparent the new s 21 Ultra is androids best and fastest the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip or is it Triple H chip Anyway, just like last year, you can get either 12 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes of RAM and you have storage options for 128 256 or 512 gigabytes.
Yes 21 Ultra is also the only s 21 series phone to support expandable storage.
Be a micro SD card.
And like last year, the ultra has a big honkin 5,000 million power battery, which will be interesting to see how it handles that brighter display.
The ultra also supports both sub 6 and millimeter wave flavors of 5 key there’s wifi, 6 ease support, and ultra wide band support Which can allow you to do things like unlock your car without taking your keys out.
Look, obviously you need a compatible car which is sold separately.
Like all phones and the S 21 lineup.
The Ultra supports Samsung’s new Galaxy smart tags accessory that you can attach to various things like your keys or bags to keep track of them.
It’s kind of like that popular tile tracker.
Again, all of these upgrades And the price is $200 less.
So where is Samsung finding all of these savings?
Well, the S 21 Ultra doesn’t come with a wall charger
And that’s about it really.
With the S 21 and S 21.
Plus, I can see where Samsung made trade offs and I think mostly their smart ones, but the S 21 Ultra and less that charger cost Samsung $200 I don’t know how it’s hitting that 12 $100 price.
Maybe this speaks more about the S 20 Ultra being priced too high.
Pre orders for the Galaxy S 21 Ultra start January 14th at 11am Eastern And it will be available on January 29th, but now I wanna hear from you guys.
What do you think about the S21 ultra?
Would you buy one over the note 20 Ultra?
And what appeals to you about the new phone?
Through your thoughts in the comments below and also make sure you check out my other video on the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus.

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