September 19, 2020
Ford set to make masks, Amazon bans foreign plants - Video

Ford set to make masks, Amazon bans foreign plants – Video

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Ford announced this week that once it is built 50,000 ventilators to aid in the coronavirus pandemic.
The automaker will pivot to producing 100 million masks expected to run through 2021.
Ford is already cruising toward its target at the pace of 2.5 million medical grade masks per week.
This year already, Ford and its partners have produced more than 45 million face masks, 20 million face shields, 50,000 ventilators, 32,000 purifying respirators, and 1.4 million washing Washable gamze.
Amazon is reportedly barring the sale of foreign plants.
The US following reports that people across the country this summer have been receiving suspicious unsolicited packages of seeds.
The say deliveries have been a summer mystery, with 27 states reporting mysterious deliveries in late July.
The USDA is urging anyone who receives an unsolicited package of seeds to immediately contact their state plant regulatory official or the US Department of Agriculture’s Plant Health Inspection Service.
And finally, iconic director Ridley Scott has confirmed to Forbes the new alien film is in the works.
Reportedly the new installment in the iconic space hora saga is unlikely to take place in the prequel universe visited by the two most recent films 2012 from atheists and 2017 alien covenant.
Scott himself commented on the potential departure questioning has the alien himself the facehugger the chestburster have they all run out of steam
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