May 27, 2020
Ford Ranger power pack boosts performance to 315 hp

Ford Ranger power pack boosts performance to 315 hp

More power!


Those of us in North America aren’t treated to the Ford Ranger Raptor like other areas around the world, so until then, owners will need to find other way to unlock more performance. But, there’s nothing better than packages the automaker itself develops and condones — because warranty.

Ford Performance now offers what it calls a “power pack” to boost the Ford Ranger‘s performance, and it pushes the truck’s output to 315 horsepower. The only real hardware change are a Ford Performance calibration tool and a K&N air filter, but the $825 package includes a dyno tune map to rearrange shift points and improve throttle response across the rpm range. The 45 extra horsepower also comes with an additional 60 pound-feet of torque for a little more grunt.

Those who want to pull the trigger should know this upgrade does require premium fuel to tap into the extra power unlocked.

Ford will cover all the upgrades with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty, but the automaker requires the a Ford dealer or ASE certified technician to install the power pack. It’s worth the peace of mind when it comes to adding more power to a vehicle.

This gear won’t make the Ranger into a Raptor, but it’ll likely be a very appreciated option for those wanting a little more from the pickup.

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