March 7, 2021
Ford Bronco wont get concept's doughnut doors, report says

Ford Bronco to add Heritage Edition in 2022, report says

What kind of heritage will Ford include?


It’s 2021, and that can only mean we’re going to start hearing many more rumors about cars scheduled for 2022 and even 2023. On another note, I feel old. Anyway, the latest tip fresh from the rumor mill is the addition of a new trim for the Ford Bronco coming next year.

Specifically, an admin at the Bronco6G forum reported┬áMonday that a Heritage Edition trim will become available with the 2022 Bronco, citing an unnamed source. What the Heritage Edition trim is all about, we don’t know. The name implies an even more retro Bronco that could perhaps take more cues from the past. It’s easy to dream up a model with more retro bits inside and some 1960s-themed exterior components, too. Then again, we don’t know what decade the Heritage Edition Bronco will focus on, though the ’60s seems like a safe bet.

The forum post’s source said it will be available for both the two- and four-door Bronco models, so Ford doesn’t plan to exclude anyone at least, should the information pan out. The automaker didn’t immediately return Roadshow’s request for comment, but it’s unlikely the company will be ready to talk about such a model. After all, the team’s likely focused on getting the first 2021 Broncos to eager owners and dealerships this summer.

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