September 25, 2020
2021 Ford Bronco vs. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon: How the off-road rivals stack up

Ford Bronco may not go global, may stick to North America, report says

Just for North America? Maybe.


Just three countries may end up being the only places to purchase a Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport when they launch, and all three are in North America.

According to the German edition of Automotive News, both the proper and smaller SUV will only be sold in the US, Canada and Mexico. The publication, citing a German Ford spokesperson, reported on Wednesday that the Bronco specifically was built for North America first and foremost and the company doesn’t plan on either outright exports as is or a right-hand drive model for the UK or Australia.

A Ford spokesperson told Roadshow the automaker is simply focused on launching the Bronco in North America and declined to comment further about the possibility of either SUV crossing the oceans.

It could be that emissions regulations have something to do with keeping the Bronco proper in North America only, but perhaps a rumored plug-in hybrid version may help clear that hurdle. As for the Bronco Sport, it seems a tad strange to keep it out of Europe, especially since Jeep offers the Compass and Renegade across the continent.

So, for now, other countries will have to hang tight. We’re still months away from the first Broncos reaching customers. But those who want a Bronco Sport will receive their SUVs by the end of this year.

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