July 5, 2020
Food to your door: Save $5 on each of your first 5 Postmates orders

Food to your door: Save $5 on each of your first 5 Postmates orders



For the last three weeks I’ve eaten at my own kitchen table every single night. Because I have to; there are no other options. But even with a box of Hello Fresh arriving on my doorstep every week, it gets a little tiring to eat food you’ve prepared yourself every single day (and yes, I know how this must sound to my parents, who ate their own cooking virtually every night of their lives). Sometimes you just crave food that was made in a restaurant. Since the coronavirus has taken that option away, you can still do the next best thing — use Postmates to get food delivered to your door from virtually any restaurant in town (or at least the ones which are still operating a take-out menu during the current crisis). To give you a reason to try the service, right now you can get $5 off each of your first five Postmates orders when you use discount code CNET5OFF.

You can enter the code at checkout or visit your account page and add it there. Either way, you should see a confirmation that you’ll save $5 on each of your next five orders. It’s that easy. Fine print: This code only works for new customers, so if you have already used Postmates in the past, the code won’t work.

If, like me, you’ve already used Postmates and can’t take advantage, you might still be able to save a few bucks. Be sure to visit CNET’s Postmates Coupons page and see if there are any other active deals you can take advantage of. There are often deals listed here that even existing customers can get in on.

Since we’re all trying to minimize contact with other people right now, you’ll be pleased to know that Postmates has introduced noncontact deliveries. Now Postmates deliveries can leave your food on your porch or some other location of your choice so you won’t need to interact with the driver. 

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