September 18, 2020
First take: WatchOS 7 public beta - Video

First take: WatchOS 7 public beta – Video

If you can’t wait to see what native sleep tracking looks like on the Apple Watch and test out some of the other new features coming with watch OS seven, well this may be your chance because for the first time ever, Apple is releasing a public beta of watcher West.
Seven and it’s available to download right now.
Let’s get the disclaimers out of the way.
And this is by no means the final version of watch OS 7. So just be warned But it may still have a couple of bugs to work out and may not be the most stable version of it.
That being said, we don’t recommend installing it on your main device.
Although, let’s be honest how many of us other than CNET reviewers have extra Apple Watches lying around?
To get started you’re gonna have to install the public beta of iOS 14 on your iPhone or second iPhone.
You can do this by going to the developer’s program on and once you’ve installed the iOS 14 public beta then you can go to the right and click on Watch OS public beta, and then download the profile first onto your device and then into your Apple watch this whole process depending on your internet connection may take hours.
So be ready to kill some time.
And once you’re done, let’s take a look at what’s inside.
So there you have it.
This watch is already running the public beta [SOUND] Watch tenon, and absolutely go ahead and dive right in to sleep tracking because to be honest, it’s the one that I’ve been most curious about.
It’s one that we’ve been waiting on.
For a long time on the Apple Watch.
You could already do this with third party apps, but I’m curious to see how Apple does it natively on the watch and I’m going to scroll down and see if I can find it.
Assuming, there you go, it’s called.
So we’re gonna see what it says you sleep to schedule your wake up alarm bedtime.
bedtime reminders on the Apple Watch and iPhone.
So Apple is focusing on your bedtime routine more so than the sleep itself.
Hit Next, and then I’m going to set up a sleep bowl.
Obviously, the recommended amount is eight hours.
That’s not realistic for me, but I’m just going to go ahead and set it up like that.
This is what my schedule looks like.
My bedtime is 11pm and my wakeup is 7am Now, I don’t know what it’s going to do to quote unquote windy down before 11 O’clock, but I will have to get back to you on that one.
And then I’m gonna hit next
Computer’s dying.
Time asleep tracking.
Your watch uses your motion to detect sleep when you wear it to bed in sleep mode.
Yes, I’m going to enable this.
And sleep mode on the Apple Watch.
We’ll turn off your Apple Watches To display and lock it so you won’t wait so it won’t wake you up okay?
Sleep mode on iPhone sleep mode can simplify your lock screen at your scheduled bedtime It will also turn on Do Not Disturb to reduce interruptions.
Yes enable, why not going all in on the statement Find out sleep mode can begin before bedtime to reduce distractions and help you relax.
Okay, 45 minutes before bedtime, that seems like a lot.
I’m gonna go ahead and move it to 30 minutes because that’s a little bit more realistic and enable it.
Alright, so charge reminders you’ll also receive a charge reminder To make sure that I can make it through the night.
That’s great.
So next Alright, so here’s what I have sleeper setup.
I have my sleep goal.
My sleep schedule for every day my wind energy which is going to be 30 minutes ahead of the 11 o’clock bedtime.
And my sleep mode is going to be on for the watch and the Do Not Disturb is going to be on for the iPhone.
Now let’s move on to the fitness features and there are a tonne of new ones in watch seven but there are you workout time so this watching tracks what Apple does.
And there was my computer again is that it tailors the algorithm to match the specific workout and this is supposed to give you more accurate credit when it comes to calories.
The new ones Let me see if I can find them.
Hopefully they’re loaded on here.
There we go.
Functional strength training, dance.
Cool down.
And core training now you could always label as other but you get the credit of a brisk walk and a lot of times not necessarily accurate.
And the next feature that I want to show you is not necessarily a fitness feature, but it kinda ties into the fitness world, and that is bike navigation.
So I’m gonna scroll up to the maps and see if I can find it.
Let’s see Search for somewhere that I want to go.
Let’s do some restaurants that I cannot go to how about that?
All right, so I have walking directions driving, public transport and here we have it.
Five directions, three minutes.
That’s pretty quick And [INAUDIBLE] I mean, it looks pretty average, but it’s supposed to tell you if your router has any stairs and other types of like specific navigations.
I’ll test this out further, but for now, there you have it.
So what’s the messages?
Let’s take a look.
Alright, I’m going to text myself.
That’s what I do.
I can reply to that specific text and with a shirt, who Mind blown?
That’s what inline replies look like on the apple.
Another new feature is the ability to customize and share your watch face.
So I’m just gonna tap over here on the top and this looks a little bit different.
I’m sure it looks different on each one, but I’m gonna start out with this one and I’m gonna press edit.
And I think this is pretty standard stuff that you can already do on the apple watch.
So I’m going to go back and see the sharing option.
So I can share my awesome new design, send a little message.
Let me share it with myself.
For starters, this is what the watch face sharing looks like when you’re on the road.
Receiving and obviously I am not running iOS 14 on my personal phone.
So I can’t really do much with it but this is kinda how it would look like.
And what are the topics of watch faces.
Let me run you through a few of the new ones you’ll definitely see some familiar ones are some Familiar takes on the watch faces.
But Apple promises a lot more customization in this new watch OS.
So let’s see what we can do with the chronograph pro which is definitely a new one.
So you can change up the time scale and let’s see what else change up The color, you can change up the complications and let’s keep going actually.
This is the massive numerals one that you can also change the colors for and also a new one is the ability to change the color of your photos.
So baby pink right there, and again, every color you can imagine, to match, I guess your outfit or whatever it is that you’re into your straps, whatever.
Now, my favorite features which I kind of discovered by accident, so I knew that there was a new translate app.
And iOS 14, but I couldn’t find it on the Apple Watch.
So I decided to put Siri to the test and you will notice that Siri has a new look on the Apple Watch.
Siri, can you translate?>> Sure, translate it to which language?
Spanish.>> Okay How would you like to translate?
This has not been the biggest wachOS update of all time, but there are definitely some exciting new features to test out on your Apple Watch.
[FOREIGN] For those of you who’ve taken the leap and installed the public beta of WatchOS 7 on your Apple Watch.
Let me know what you think so far.
And those of you who haven’t let me know which one of the features that I just showed you, you’re most excited about.
Let me know in the comment section below.
We are expecting an official version of watch OS seven to launch at some point in September.
But as you know, this hasn’t been the most normal of year.
So anything could happen really.
I will of course continue to update you on what I know on and on YouTube so I will see you guys next time.

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