April 11, 2021
Firefly Lane actors Brandon Jay McLaren, Jenna Rosenow explain Sarah Chalke's comic genius

Firefly Lane actors Brandon Jay McLaren, Jenna Rosenow explain Sarah Chalke’s comic genius


On the Netflix series Firefly Lane, Jenna Rosenow plays Kimber Watts, Katherine Heigl’s boss at Seattle Monthly Magazine.


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Based on the novel by Kristin Hannah, the new Netflix series Firefly Lane follows the friendship between Tully and Kate (played by Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, respectively) from their teens until midlife. The 10-part series spans four decades, showing the triumphs and heartbreaks each encounters, as well as the complexity of their 30-year friendship.

Currently, Firefly Lane is one of the series on the Netflix Top Ten in US list. On CNET’s I’m So Obsessed podcast, actors Jenna Rosenow, who plays Kate’s boss Kimber Watts, and Brandon Jay McLaren, who plays a widower named Travis, discuss working with Heigl and Chalke and the series’ appeal during a pandemic.

“It’s a really authentic portrayal of life and friendship,” said Rosenow. “Also, it’s nice for a little nostalgia fix for anyone wanting to get a little bit of the ’70s, ’80s or early 2000s.”

Rosenow is best known for playing Amber Turner on the long-running Australian drama Neighbours and has also been seen on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and BH90210. McLaren played the Red SPD Ranger on the show Power Rangers S.P.D. and will be in the upcoming Disney Plus remake of Turner and Hooch.

During our conversation, the two discuss their favorite book-to-film adaptations, Chalke’s talent for comedy, the brilliance of the 1985 film Teen Wolf, starring Michael J. Fox, and how McLaren overcame his dislike of singing to film his karaoke scene in Firefly Lane.

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