January 28, 2021
FCC leadership changes, Facebook's hate speech battle - Video

FCC leadership changes, Facebook’s hate speech battle – Video

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This week, the Federal Communications Commission announced that its chairman [UNKNOWN] will depart the FCC on January 20.
Pi was appointed to the FCC by President Obama in 2012 and became chair under the Trump administration.
Senior democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel is considered by some experts to be the leading candidate to head the agency.
Facebook is working on a major overhaul of its algorithms that police hate speech on its platforms.
According to a report by the Washington Post, the changes are in the early stages that would include re engineering its automated moderation systems.
To better detect and remove hateful language, that’s considered the worst of the worst.
This new moderation approach shifts the company away from treating all hate speech the same.
Finally Apple is announced that it will donate 100% of its project read proceeds to COVID-19 relief until June of next year.
The money from project red product sales will go towards the Global Fund, which is helping countries respond to COVID-19 as well as HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis.
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