April 11, 2021
Facebook to ban vaccine lies, E3 could go digital - Video

Facebook to ban vaccine lies, E3 could go digital – Video

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Facebook said it is taking a tougher stance against misinformation spread on its networks about COVID-19 and vaccines.
The Social Network is expanding a list of debunked claims that it will take down Facebook and Instagram users also will not be allowed to post false statements about vaccines, including anything that claims vaccines are dangerous.
The goal is to prevent these online lies from causing harm.
Facebook is working with public health authorities such as the World Health Organization.
To compile the list of what is banned Meanwhile, there are reports that the video game industry conference note as a three will be a digital event this year.
The pitch for the show has been sent out to numerous publishers including video games chronicle.com, which details the plans to have a summer digital event.
Now nothing has been made official yet but the proposal reportedly has three days of Live Stream coverage in June.
A Jeep Wrangler electric vehicle concept is set to be revealed next month.
Right after Jeeps Big Superbowl ad aired.
The brand invited viewers to a website where it teased a concept vehicle as 100% battery power There wasn’t much to see So we’ll have to wait for more details at the Easter Jeep Safari event.
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