March 1, 2021
Facebook prepared to restrict posts if US election gets extremely chaotic, report says

Facebook simplifies crossposting with Instagram, Messenger in new Accounts Center


Facebook’s new Accounts Center lets you post to both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, among other features.

Angela Lang/CNET

Have you ever wished you could post the same picture to Facebook and Instagram simultaneously? Or wondered why you had to reenter your debit card number to buy something on Facebook-owned Instagram when Facebook already has your digits? Cross-platform controls are no longer just a pipe dream, as Facebook announced Tuesday the creation of a new portal called Accounts Center.

Facebook says Accounts Center will allow you to manage your account details for all your Facebook-owned apps, including Messenger, all from one centralized interface. That includes the ability to crosspost as well as manage your payment options (when Facebook Pay is incorporated later this year). It also means you should have an easier time recovering you accounts if you forget a password or otherwise get locked out.

What Accounts Center doesn’t, however, change is your ability to maintain separate identities across Facebook-owned apps. That means you can have separate profile pictures and information as well as distinct names or handles (for example, “John Doe” on Facebook and “@genericname” on Instagram).

Facebook will begin testing the new portal this week, but no word yet on when users can expect the feature to roll out for everyone.

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