November 27, 2020
Facebook asked to curb election suppression by white supremacists

Facebook prepares for the election, astronauts cast their vote – Video

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According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook has developed internal tools to help calm any unrest in the US that may break out following the election.
The tools which Facebook has previously used in so called at risk countries will help slow the spread of viral content and suppress potentially inflammatory posts.
A Facebook spokesperson said we’ve created new products, partnerships and policies, such as pausing post election ads to ensure we’re more prepared than ever for the unique challenges of an election during a global pandemic.
Over the weekend, Kate Rubin’s and astronaut currently aboard the ISS posted a photo of herself in front of the padded booth marked, ISS voting booth with the text I voted today.
Demonstrating it really doesn’t matter how far away you might be.
Voting from space has been legally possible since 1997.
And this marks the second time, Reubens has voted from the ISS.
In order to do so ballots from the county where the astronaut is registered are tested on a space station training computer.
Then the real ballot is generated an uplink to the ISS with crew members specific credentials to keep it secure.
The completed ballot is then electronically delivered back to Earth to be officially recorded.
Finally, on Wednesday, NASA teased an upcoming teleconference to share results from its Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy or SOFIA, an aeroplane equipped with a telescope.
According to the statement, this new discovery contributes to NASA’s efforts to learn about the moon in support of deep space exploration.
Although details are still tightly under wraps, you can listen to the audio broadcast of the media teleconference from Monday morning via the NASA live website.
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