May 26, 2020
Facebook Gaming app launching, SpaceX historic mission gets launch date - Video

Facebook Gaming app launching, SpaceX historic mission gets launch date – Video

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Social media behemoth Facebook is launching a gaming mobile app on April 20.
According to a report by the New York Times, The app is reportedly designed to stream and watch live gameplay, putting it up against the myriad other services dominating this space like Twitch, YouTube.
And mixer.
The Corona virus pandemic played a small part in moving up the timeline on the app as more people are playing video games in quarantine.
Now Netflix understands everybody is absolutely vibrating for more content as we all shelter in place and avoid spreading the Corona virus.
And that includes teachers and educators who use the platform’s documentaries to teach classes.
So the dream stream team have provided 10 docu series from this storied catalog for free, uploading some classic documentaries to YouTube to keep everybody entertained and this bag is in here this Ava DuVernay 13th Which is unreal and David Attenborough as our planet is both entertaining and horrifying.
I mean, have you seen the war scenes in this thing?
It’s unclear if and when Netflix will remove the documentary.
So get a move on and get watching.
And finally, it feels like there’s no better time to Leave this planet and SpaceX and NASA seem to agree in a historic first Americans will launch to space from American soil on the top of a commercial rocket built by SpaceX.
A SpaceX Falcon nine will ferry NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station on May 27.
Space X have shown their Crew Dragon capsule can get to the space station and back with no problems, but this will be the first crewed flight for Space X.
Step that the lightest five is being seen it.

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