January 28, 2021
Facebook game service won't play with iPhone, Uber hit with new lawsuit - Video

Facebook game service won’t play with iPhone, Uber hit with new lawsuit – Video

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Facebook is launching a new streaming game service, but you can’t play on an iPhone.
Facebook’s upcoming gaming service, which would be like Netflix but for video games, would only work on android devices or on the Facebook gaming website.
So why won’t Facebook play with Apple?
Facebook is speaking out against Apple’s App Store policies, which require every program to be reviewed before being made available, and Apple processes and takes a cut of in-app payments.
Uber is being sued for allegedly discriminating against non white drivers, the proposed class action suit filed Monday takes issue with the star rating system.
It allows passengers to score drivers on a scale of 1 to 5, but it can lead to terminations if drivers get too low of the score.
The complaint says nonwhite drivers are often kicked off the platform even when passenger comments appear to be racist.
Have you heard the moon news?
A NASA telescope uncovered evidence of water on a sunlit surface of the moon, so water is not just limited to cold and shadowy craters of the poles.
With water more abundant than previously thought, it could boost NASA’s hopes of a lunar base that can tap into natural resources.
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