March 7, 2021
Stimulus check 2: Will you get an extra $1,200 payment from the IRS?

Everything you could get in the next stimulus package, assuming there’s a deal


If another stimulus bill passes — and that’s looking shaky as of Friday — here’s what you could get, beyond another direct payment.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Republican and Democratic lawmakers have been rushing to strike a deal on the next stimulus package, and yet at the end of Friday Aug. 7, the Senate’s self-imposed deadline, a deal had not emerged. A second stimulus payment that’s worth much as $1,200 for those who qualify is one part of the package both sides can agree on, but there are sharp divisions along partisan lines when it comes to the benefits beyond a check.

“We’re very far apart. It’s most unfortunate,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said after a meeting Thursday night. The current proposal is “not enough money for money in the pockets of the American people who really need this,” she added.

“We will continue to try to get an agreement that’s in the best interest of the people,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Friday.

Making a deal will require compromising on overarching issues such as enhanced weekly unemployment benefits and eviction protections. On Thursday, first-time unemployment claims surpassed 1 million requests for the 20th straight week. That’s up from 214,000 new jobless claims a year ago this week, underscoring the economic toll the coronavirus pandemic has already taken. On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the US economy gained 1.8 million jobs in July. 

If negotiations continue into next week, which is the current plan, the final stimulus rescue package will include another direct payment as well as a range of financial aid that stands to benefit hundreds of millions of Americans through the end of 2020. Here are the proposals, and how likely they are to pass. We update this story often.

Second stimulus check aims to accelerate spending

What it is: A payment sent to qualifying individuals and families, based on annual income, age, number of dependents and other factors. The first stimulus checks authorized under the CARES Act have gone out to over 160 million Americans — as a check, as a prepaid credit card or through direct deposit. But there are problems and after three months, some are still waiting for their stimulus payment.

How it could help you: The payment isn’t taxable and you can use it however you want — to pay for food, housing, clothing and so on. The idea is that spending the checks will help the economy recover faster.

Why we think a second check will pass: The CARES Act authorized payments of up to $1,200 per eligible adult and so does the HEALS Act. The House of Representatives’ Heroes Act, meanwhile, called for $1,200 stimulus checks, but for more people. The White House supports another round of checks, which makes this a likely part of the final bill.

$100 bills

The HEALS Act proposes to give eligible Americans the same size stimulus check as those issued in March.

James Martin/CNET

More unemployment benefits for people without jobs 

What it is: An additional weekly check for people who applied for unemployment for the first time or were already collecting unemployment. The program initially granted by the CARES Act provided an extra $600 per week and officially expired on July 31, but lawmakers are looking into another unemployment boost now.

How it could help you: An extra weekly payment on top of the ordinary unemployment benefit gives individuals and families a leg up. Cutting it off or reducing it could be devastating for unemployed workers and the economy.

Why we think it could happen: Republicans support the extension, but at a reduced rate. Democrats support an extension of the current $600 rate and have balked at the Senate proposal, which would extend benefits based on 70% to 75% of lost wages, starting at $200 a week and over time increasing to $500 a week, with state assistance. The benefits expired without a short-term extension in place. 

After a political stalemate during negotiations, the GOP negotiators have reportedly signaled a willingness to consider the $600 weekly allowance, The New York Times reported on Aug. 4.

Payroll Protection Program to encourage businesses to hold onto employees

What it is: Intended to help you retain your job, the Paycheck Protection Program provides forgivable loans to small businesses as an incentive to keep employees on the payroll. 

How it could help you: The program is designed to fund employed workers who would otherwise have lost their jobs during the pandemic. The program got off to a rocky start, and it’s not clear the PPP met the goals Congress set for it. 

“Overall PPP hasn’t preserved many paychecks,” Joshua Gotbaum, a guest scholar of economic studies at the Brookings Institution, wrote in July. “A careful study found that PPP-eligible small businesses laid people off just as quickly as other businesses,” he said.

Why we think it could get extended: The Republican proposal will target the hardest-hit small businesses, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said during the rollout of the bill, including those with revenue losses of 50% or more over last year.


A tax credit would help with your pay.

Angela Lang/CNET

Employee retention tax credit could help pay workers

What it is: Under the program, an employer can receive refundable tax credits for wages paid to an employee during the pandemic. The employer can then use the credits to subtract from — and even receive a refund over — taxes they owe.

How it could help you: Again, it’s not a direct payment to you, but the program encourages businesses to keep workers on the payroll.

Why we think it could happen: The HEALS Act includes further tax relief for businesses that hire and rehire workers and the Democratic-backed Heroes Act also builds on the tax credits that were part of the initial CARES Act. And there’s additional bipartisan support besides.

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Stimulus standoff on Capitol Hill


Return-to-work payment of as much as $450 per week

What it is: A temporary weekly bonus for unemployed workers who secure a new job or are rehired, on top of their wages. As proposed by Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio, the bonus would be $450 a week.

How it could help you: Under Portman’s plan, the weekly bonus would go to laid-off workers who return to work.

Why we think it may not happen: The White House in May expressed interest in the bonus and Portman continues to support the idea, but it’s not part of the proposal Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the other Republican senators presented last week.

Rental assistance to help keep evictions at bay

What it is: This plan would help renters pay rent and assist landlords with expenses with less rent money coming in, especially as the US faces a potential “tsunami of evictions.”

How it could help you: The rental assistance program would temporarily help you pay rent if you qualify, put a hold on evictions for a year and help cover costs of rental property owners because of rental payment shortfalls. The earlier protections have lapsed.

Why we think it could happen: House Democrats included an eviction moratorium in the Heroes Act. It wasn’t part of the Senate proposal, but President Donald Trump on July 29 said eviction protections would be part of the package. As with unemployment insurance, Congress is looking to extend this separately while it works on the final bill.


Payroll tax cuts may not make the cut in the next coronavirus relief bill.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Payroll tax cut could give you more money in the bank this year

What it is: Trump has for months pushed the idea of including temporary payroll tax cuts in the next stimulus package. The proposal could include cutting both the employer and employee share of payroll taxes.

How it could help you: If you have a job, a payroll tax cut would let you keep more of your earnings each check. The plan would not help those who are unemployed and don’t receive a paycheck. The 32 million people who were claiming unemployment insurance as of July 18 would not benefit. “Workers would still be on the hook to pay those taxes next year,” the New York Times reported.

Why we don’t think it’ll happen: Neither the Heroes Act nor the current Senate plan includes a payroll tax cut. The White House continues to push for the idea.

Until we know for sure what the finalized stimulus bill will bring, there are some resources to help you through the financial crisis, including coronavirus hardship loans and unemployment insurancewhat you can do if you’ve lost your jobwhat to know about evictions and late car payments; how to take control of your budget; and if you could receive two refund checks from the IRS.

Julie Snyder contributed to this story.

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