January 24, 2021
Epic vs. Apple escalates, TikTok goes to Twitter - Video

Epic vs. Apple escalates, TikTok goes to Twitter – Video

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Apple and Epics legal battle dramatically escalated over the weekend.
What began as an argument over Epic Games wanting to charge players directly for in game items for its hit game fortnight, instead of using Apple’s payment system and the up to 30% Commission in charges Has turned into a battle that threatens to open deemed development across the industry.
After Apple kicked fortnight, and it’s more than 250 million players from the App Store last week, epic said on Monday in a court filing that the iPhone maker is further threatening to ban the Unreal Engine code offers two outside game developers to help them make apps of their own.
Tic Tock is set up an information hub and twitter account in an effort to combat misinformation and rumors about it social media platform in real time Tick Tock said Monday it will use the accounts to quote, shine a light on the facts and set the record straight comes after the President on Friday issued a second executive order in relation to the short video app.
Given Chinese parent company ByteDance, 90 days to finish a deal to sell off the US arm of Tick Tock.
And finally Apple on Monday has revealed its expanding its repairs program now support max at independent shops.
The news is an expansion of the repair program that Apple previously launched for iPhones last year expanding the availability of repairs beyond Apple .stores.
Or one of the company’s Authorized Service providers.
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