January 23, 2021
Eating a whole fish, eyeballs and all - Video

Eating a whole fish, eyeballs and all – Video

When it comes to seafood, Josh and Island isn’t afraid to use the whole fish.
the Australian chef calls himself a fish butcher and he serves everything from fish I chips to Fishel liver parfaits in his Sydney restaurant.
He’s taking us inside the kitchen at Saint Peter to show us how he takes a part of fish to make sure that very little is wasted.
So, the colour comes off, which is just that beautiful.
We’ve and the best way to do this.
The first time I looked at it, was basically that this was a handle and this was a charter and so to clean up 1 by 1. 2 bones and then using scissors then to
Create a handle.
Then you have a boneless little chart.
See if I’m going to close it a boneless chart.
I thought in this chart that can be crumbs can be pan fried.
Can be grilled for somebody had just literally hold on to that and then eat it to me like may not be easiest thing to just look at it as being something that otherwise would have been seen as something little bit too tricky to just.
You know, if you get in a head on a player just got the ring on it, you kind of poke around at it and maybe if you’re like a seasoned pro that used to eat the fish head at like your family barbecue and give it cracked.
For a lot of people, that’s just too hot, so why bother?
But to me that’s 140 brands of fish that has a monetary value, so why would I put in the field so next?
Beautiful looking head.
And then on the head.
But this section here underneath that why shape?
That’s the culture that we’re talking about.
So, going with scissors?
You can take out that beautiful piece.
Absolutely no bone and champion by people throughout the Basque Country as being the best part of the fish.
And so if we can give that to a customer hearing Paddington in Sydney, this.
Just mind bending experience of being something that never textually had before, but hearing it in a more Western way that’s a little bit sweet, little bit salty or bitter city, and killing more boxes in your brain that go beyond sticky gelatinous.
You know that kind of conversations that don’t sit well with us, and yet the rest of the head.
They said it wasn’t fish culture.
So, that there is the trim up bay which is pretty for us today.
Put straight onto the grill in terms of the breast of the fish.
When I try and do is.
Three, all these little feelings off these piece of fantastic for stock.
Just because all of this wedding is just full of jealousy.
That’s the fish as it stands now with all the trimmings taking off now and then.
When you take that first cut.
So, straight away when I see that all when I first cut that piece, I wanted to make sure she so we made a coat rack shaped a gene which Daisy saffron and beautiful things like that.
And then it just makes you think more about what you could do with it.
So that’s how that’s how little shape.
And the next cut is probably more.
That’s the done.
So, the comet or the fish.
And basically IT company is just one phone that runs through here.
So, no kidding bones.
So this through our sins really great customers get to benefit from a better flavor.
A slightly larger surface area.
So, visually it’s going to be more pleasing to everyone.
Then the next section.
But the bellies of the fish.
So, the families of the fish come off all explained in at the end.
Then this just left.
Now with this face anatomy is the saddle?
Like if you think about Lamb saddle and like the best end of lamp and that’s what I’m thinking about when I say fish like this so this now I’ve cut all the bones out of the center.
So, now you only have one bone through the middle.
All the little pin bones are taken out of here and so now we can just go straight into.
Sorry these sections.
And what we do is instead of just giving them that and then feeling ripped off because they know that that’s not a great deal of Maine on the fish.
And I personally would be upset if I got that 5000$..
So what we do is we take a piece of the throat.
And we treat that in a way that is really delicious.
We blaze it.
We put it with charge or something.
And then we take this color and then we crumb it.
And then we fry it.
And then we put that with the fish as well.
So, it goes back to that kind of gear at the beginning of 2000 Square.
Every ship was trying to cram as many different cuts, but rather or as many different cuts of the land onto one place onto one plate like it.
Think about the French laundry cookbook and Thomas Keller.
You’ve got these wonderful assets of lamb.
And be in like take the cheek out appraised and we pick them.
We roll them with you know there’s so much later that goes into all of that file it mended customers able to experience one animal on one plane in its best possible form for completely enjoyment in total satisfaction.
And if we continue to get a fillet of fish caught out of the center of the fillet.
And 55% of the rest of that fish is going in the bin, then like what’s the point like?
I mean, we can all generate 90% from the fish.
That means that we’re removing 1 fish from the ocean to benefit from the yield of two fish, so.
That’s yeah, that’s what I mean.
Like in pain can take 10% away from knowledge of what we’re doing.
It doesn’t have to be replicated to the T like the main try agent charcuterie utilizing awful all this stuff.
They all come off with buzzwords in a bit of the moment.
Disappointing, safe, get shop, get cut out of the middle of the fish, and then the rest of the fish not get used initially.
A holistic approach in it like it needs to be the desire to put lesson to be have a greater standard for fish.
And when there is a greater standard than the price can obviously.
Speed of a higher value, something more in line with the relevance, that we all place on main person known in Sydney at least blinks an eyelid going into a glamorous butchery and spending $85 on a dry aged Wagyu, Model School 35 kind of something like it’s.
I just don’t think fish has entered into the echelon of other proteins realm of desirability yet, and so that’s what we’re trying to do.

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