March 7, 2021
Dell's monitors for 2021 tackle working from home and remote schooling

Dell’s monitors for 2021 tackle working from home and remote schooling


Dell expands its UltraSharp monitor size range with a 40-inch curved display.


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Dell’s monitors enter 2021 with more of a focus than usual on the “new normal” work and school environment; they include new 24-, 27- and 34-inch videoconferencing-optimized models sporting built-in webcams and a 40-inch UltraSharp to handle your screen-intensive days.

Almost all have an eye on enterprise use, with integrated KVM switches to connect the single monitor to two systems to share the keyboard, monitor and mouse, and an Ethernet connection for manageability and wake-on-LAN.  

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Dell’s 2021 UltraSharp 40 and siblings display some novel…


Announced for CES, the Dell Video Conferencing monitors focus on the daily remote grind, especially if you’re in a Microsoft shop: You can launch Teams directly via a button, sign in with Windows Hello facial recognition and give Cortana voice commands via their noise-canceling mics. In addition to a pop-up, relatively high-resolution, 5-megapixel IR webcam, which I wish more monitors had for use with desktops, they’ve got dual 5-watt speakers built in. Their stands all offer tilt, swivel and height adjustments, which isn’t as common as it should be for wide, curved models like the 34-inch model.

Dell Video Conferencing Monitors will be available in February: the 24-inch model (C2422HE) starting at $520, 27-inch (C2722DE) starting at $720 and 34-inch (C3422WE) starting at $1,049. UK and Australian prices weren’t available but $520 is about £385 or AU$675.


The curved Dell 34 Video Conferencing monitor.


Another highlight with a more prosumer bent is the new UltraSharp 40 (U4021QW) curved 40-incher targeting finance, video conferencing and creators; the UltraSharp line comes factory-calibrated, though all of these are accurate for sRGB, not P3 or Adobe RGB, despite the wider gamuts. 

The 40 has a Mac-friendly 5,120×2,160-pixel resolution as well as a Thunderbolt 3 connection (with power delivery up to 90 watts to drive your laptop and downstream USB ports), 9-watt speakers and a 98% of P3 color gamut. You’ll also want to buy this on your company’s dime: It starts at $2,100.

This isn’t the biggest monitor Dell’s ever offered; that would be the two-year-old 49-inch UltraSharp. The new models do have much prettier stands, though. The UltraSharp 38 USB-C monitor also joins the club (U3821DW) with 3,840×2,160-pixel resolution and a 95% P3 gamut and the same speakers as the 40. It’s on the expensive side as well at $1,500. Both the UltraSharp 38 and 40 will be available this month.

Rounding out the updated lineup are refreshes to the bread-and-butter 27- and 24-inch displays and the conference-room-oriented 65- and 55-inch Interactive Touch monitors.

  • Dell UltraSharp 27 and 24 USB-C hub monitors, available in March: 27-inch (U2722DE), starting at $680; 24-inch (U2422HE), starting at $460.
  • Dell UltraSharp 27 and 24 monitors, available in March: 27-inch (U2722D), starting at $580; 24-inch (U2422H), starting at $360.
  • Dell 65 (C6522QT) and 55 4K (C5522QT) Interactive Touch Monitors, available in March, prices to be determined.

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