February 25, 2021
Crazy transparent OLED concept TVs come to sushi bars, subway cars and bed - Video

Crazy transparent OLED concept TVs come to sushi bars, subway cars and bed – Video

Everyone ready for the latest futuristic TV concepts at CES 2021.
LG displays the only company in the world, that produces big screen OLED technology or OLED.
And every year they show off some of their coolest, most innovative concepts at CES.
Since the show is virtual this year, LG Display sent us a video from its showroom in Korea where it set up this year’s displays.
Let’s take a look.
The focus is on transparent OLED.
That’s right screens you can actually see through LGD has improved with transparent OLED screens to 40% transparency up for 10%.
As you can see, they seem closer to 100%.
In these videos, the traditional use for transparent OLED is commercial spaces seen here at a smart sushi restaurant.
A customer can sit down in front of the screen, browse through various menu items and choose what they want to order just like a standard screen.
Once they’re done, they can watch TV while they wait and even get a receipt afterwards.
Another advantage during times like the pandemic is it the screen acts as a partition between the customer and the food workers.
And it’s super thin when seen from the side.
Below this 55 inch transparent OLED LG Display is also ranch another strip of touch sensitive OLED screen.
That allows customers to make selections and control the TV without touching the main partition.
LG Display also set up another commercial application and calls Metro zone, seen here as a transparent OLED display in a subway window.
Normally, it’s a standard window that riders can look through to check out the scenery simulated in this demo, but the screen can also overlay transit specific information.
That can include a map of the subway line with progress between stops, as well as pop ups for destinations and tours, or even something as simple as the time or the weather.
Much cooler than a standard subway map.
But transparent all it isn’t only for commercial applications.
LG Display put together something that’s calling the smart bed.
It’s basically a normal bed with a 55-inch transparent OLED screen at the foot.
Normally, the screen is retracted into its module where it can still display a line of information like the time weather or music.
It can also slide higher to reveal more screen, still entirely transparent with extra info like sleep tracking, indoor air condition, or even the ability to read your bedtime stories.
Is so well fixed in the minds.
Finally, it can pop up to its full glory display video like TV shows or let you browse apps.
In this demo, there’s a larger screen in the background and a mirroring mode, in case you really want to see double.
As with the restaurant version, the thinness of this 55 inch transparent TV makes it look really cool.
The next concept isn’t transparent at all.
Instead, it’s a fitness scenario with a 55 inch OLED TV mounted on a sliding rail.
The idea is to be able to hide the screen entirely when it’s not in use, and only have it appear when you want to work out.
The motorized mount can also spin the TV into portrait mode.
In this demo, there’s a special fitness app on the screen and a camera tracks or exercise.
Offers coaching and encouragement.
It kinda reminds me of a peloton but with a much larger, better picture.
It’s worth noting that Samsung also has a camera based workout app and its new TVs, which unlike this demo concept, are actually shipping in 2021.
LG Display also set up a gaming zone featuring a 48 inch bendable OLED display.
Like any curved screen the advantage is putting the viewer more into the middle of the action.
So,the visuals surround peripheral vision.
At the press of a button the screen can bend back into a flat shape.
Something your typical curved LCD monitor can’t do.
Only OLED is bendable enough to flex this kind of gaming muscle.
All these concepts look really cool and it’s easy to imagine the houses and restaurants of the future with transparent OLED, bendable screens, even tiny little displays that’ll read you a book.
None of the displays you’ve seen here actually shipping in 2021.
But does it really matter?
I’m David katzmaier for CNET and this has been LG displays concept showcase from ces 2021.

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