March 6, 2021
Congress approves second stimulus checks, Apple car rumors swirl - Video

Congress approves second stimulus checks, Apple car rumors swirl – Video

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After months of political deadlock, Congress approved a new COVID relief package for Americans on Monday night.
The package provides a second round of stimulus checks with $600 for individuals with an adjusted gross income of less than $75,000.
As well as an extra $600 for each child age 16 and under.
There are a lot of qualifications.
And even if you received the first check you may not be eligible for the second.
To get a clearer idea of whether you qualify check out CNET’s stimulus check calculator.
Meanwhile, president elect JOe Biden has said he will propose a new round of stimulus check and COVID relief once he takes office In January speaking jerboas on Tuesday, Biden said Monday’s relief bill was just a downpayment in addressing the COVID crisis, and that the country would need further funding for Americans including money to extend unemployment benefits and support for frontline workers.
And finally, rumors of an Apple Car swirling once again According to a report in Reuters, citing sources close to the project.
The consumer vehicle would feature the company’s own, quote, breakthrough battery technology.
And could launch in 2024.
The tech giant was rumored to be close to revealing a prototype car last decade.
Under what was then known as Project Titan Before plans will show.
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