February 25, 2021
College teams to race autonomous racecars at famed Indy raceway - Video

College teams to race autonomous racecars at famed Indy raceway – Video

INDIANAPOLIS MOTORWAY was established over 110 years ago to test new technologies.
And now self driving cars our next challenge technology, the’re still a ways away from autonomous vehicle that can drive anywhere and everywhere.
We knew that there was a major league that had to be taken.
What better way to do that, than a high speed race at the most famous racetrack in the world?
The engine tunnels challenge is unlike any other challenge.
30 TEAMS from around the world.
In Touch 240 miles,>> the minute that car is on the track, it has to control itself entirely.>> It’s racing, but in a futuristic way.
We’ve known for years that prize competitions can drive innovation.
Competitions are great places to do this because Once to get competitive, you must like to stop sleeping to make sure you win.
The DARPA Grand Challenge led to tremendous advancements in the industry, Sebastian for the one that DARPA Grand Challenge, said you’ve got some type of [UNKNOWN] vehicle competition that would bring back the excitement of the DARPA Grand Challenge.
The real challenges, software.
How do you take the information that’s coming in from the sensors, compute it and make decisions that are decisions that are typically made by a human
We have more than 30 teams coming from 14 US states, representing 11 countries sign up.
University students look at this problem with fresh new eyes.
We are certain that the future of our racing, drivers and cars.
We can go 240 miles an hour and two cars from colliding, then surely We can make the highway traffic safer.
This is all these universities from around the world with the next generation of brightest minds and some of them will look back and say it started at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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