January 19, 2021
Cole Haan's new Slack shoes could really mess with your work-life balance

Cole Haan’s new Slack shoes could really mess with your work-life balance


When you think of Slack, do you think of shoes? Cole Haan does. 

Cole Haan

If you want to be reminded of Slack during those rare moments you’re not actually on Slack, just look down at your feet. Footwear brand Cole Haan is out with limited-edition sneakers that feature the logo of the widely used business communication software, and come accented with the logo’s four colors. 

Cole Haan says the new shoes were designed with the Slack crew — over Slack, naturally. 

The white Generation Zerøgrand kicks are on sale online now for $120 a pair (that’s about £93, AU$168). The soles, inside upper rims and shoelace tips come in the distinct shades of green, blue, yellow and bright pink that stare up at you from the Slack app icon on your phone’s home screen. Fortunately, no keyboard shortcuts are required to put them on. 

On social media, the shoes got mixed reactions. Some liked the clean look, while others couldn’t get in step with the idea of a work productivity tool extending to their wardrobe.  

“When it comes to work life balance, I draw the line at putting Slack on my shoes,” one Twitter user wrote. Wrote another, “Holding out for the Supreme x Oracle ERP collab.” 

Now please excuse me while I hop on Slack to deconstruct this further. 

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