March 8, 2021
ColdSnap makes ice cream from pods in less than 2 minutes - Video

ColdSnap makes ice cream from pods in less than 2 minutes – Video

Open in a situation when it’s late at night with just finished a movie.
We want to start another one we go to the freezer open it up and there’s no more ice cream.
It might Imagine if you could make ice cream on demand within a minute or so in the comfort of your own home.
Well that’s the premise behind cold snap a new machine that’s being launched as part of ces 2021 I’ve got Matt funtainer here to tell me all about it now, Matt, thank you so much for joining me today and we’re gonna taste some ice cream, right?
Let’s see.
Thanks for Glad to be here.
I’m excited to have you You pray you are cold snap.
So let’s talk about the machine itself.
So it’s sitting right behind me on my kitchen counter.
Now this is kind of, to use an analogy that maybe some people might be familiar with.
This is like to be correct the Keurig of ice cream, then espresso of ice cream because it uses pugs.
It’s a pod based technology.
It’s a single serve.
And we’re using an aluminum beverage can because aluminum is more recyclable than plastic.
But essentially there is liquid ice cream mix and liquid smoothies and coffee drinks and even cocktails all in liquid form inside the aluminum pod And once you insert it into the machine, you close the lid and hit one button, and 60 to 90 seconds later you have your frozen ice cream or frozen smoothie or frozen cocktail.
And it sounds pretty good and I’ve got one of the pods here and I can definitely hear that there’s liquid inside.
So is this essentially like just a plain ice cream mix before it’s been frozen or have you got other sort of magic in here that makes it work?
It’s pretty much it’s a clean label.
It’s pretty much just ice cream next.
We do do some special things to it to make it shelf stable so that pod could literally stay in your pantry or cabinet for a year before you use it and the whole idea.
Dear behind our business is that it’s customization or personalization.
So if you want a non dairy ice cream and maybe your family member wants regular vanilla ice cream or somebody prefers a protein shake Everybody can choose their respective product and flavors that they want.
And it’s not just ice cream because I see sneakily in the case of pods that you’ve sent me.
We have a mango passionfruit smoothie, and a margarita frozen cocktail.
So let’s switch over to the machine and you’re going to walk me through how to make My very first cold snap ice cream.
So let me see, which pod should I choose?
I think it’s been a day of chocolate.
It’s been a tough day, so I think I want some chocolate now at the top of the machine is where the pod is inserted.
So I need to basically lift the handle.
Push it all the way back.
And then insert the pot.
Now it has to go a certain way, right?
There’s a QR code on the top so then it needs to be facing up.
That’s correct.
And just make sure you push it all the way down Lexi.
All the way down.
Okay, cool.
Let’s see if I can show you this as I do it.
All right.
All the way down
You should be able to close the lid without it interfering with the camp
Yeah, perfect.
All right.
So that’s pretty easy so far.
Now I see on the screen, it says select product.
So I’m going to choose ice cream obviously because we’re making ice cream but what would happen if I did say like a cocktail mix with an ice cream bass That those don’t freeze.
Those recipes don’t freeze as long so when you’re making those in mud slide or Daiquiri, they don’t quite turn to the same frozen consistency as ice cream.
So, your ice cream would come out not as frozen as it because we’d like it.
All right, well, I definitely want ice cream because it’s been one of those days.
So I’m going to take a cup and put it on the machine.
like so and then we’re gonna hit ice cream.
Please wait, relax and chill.
Walk me through the actual technology in what it needs to take basically a liquid form into Something that is Microsoft said,
well, it’s a similar technology to the compressor condenser technology that’s used in a refrigerator or freezer.
We’ve just kind of made it more powerful if he will impact it in a smaller space.
In addition to that, inside of a pot, there’s actually a stirring mechanism.
And as we’re freezing the ingredients, we’re removing the ice off the inner diameter of the can and churning and mixing it for about 90 seconds.
So how do you keep a machine like this clean?
I mean, ice cream is a pretty messy undertaking.
Yeah, so we’re freezing inside.
We’re intentionally in freezing inside the pot itself.
We’re dispensing directly from the pod to the bowl beneath the pod.
As such, there’s no reason to clean the machine because no dairy or smoothie or any food products touch the machine at all.
So, we intentionally made it way once you remove the pod, it’s clean the machines clean and it’s ready for the next plot.
So this machine is quite heavy.
It’s about 50 pounds is that kind of the size and sort of shape in people’s kitchens that you’re expecting the final version to take or is it gonna be a lot lighter than this?
Right now it’s probably going to stay around 50 pounds.
It’s always a compromise.
We could perhaps make it smaller but then the freeze time> Becomes longer.
So we thought we striking a balance that make a machine that could sit on the counter, fit underneath the cabinets, plug into the wall, not take too much time.
So this is what we have
It’s dispensing.
Look at that.
All right, we just saw that dispensing.
Bring it close, so you can take a look at the finished product.
So I’ll show you show you this is the softserve style chocolate ice cream.
So now it looks like a softer.
Does it taste like a soft serve?
I’m an ice cream.
I would say fishing otter, ice cream self.
So I really love ice cream.
Let’s see if this one tastes as good.
That’s really good.
It tastes like a combination of a chocolate mousse and a sockso.
It’s not too sweet.
The consistency is actually really nice.
It’s not too airy.
So it’s sort of feels like almost a hybrid between a subset and a traditional ice cream.
This is really good.
Man, I’m just going to be here all day eating my ice cream.>>> But I do like Alexi
delicious before I eat my feelings.
Let’s talk about some of the other things that the machine can do.
Obviously we mentioned the Margarita cocktails and the passion fruit smoothies.
Is the sky the limit?
Could we go all the way to making Anything the craziest things that we want?
Say for example, if people have custom smoothies that are like with protein shakes or things and they want them to be not necessarily something that’s given to them in a can, but could they potentially make a mix, put it in a can and then put it into the cold snap?
Yeah, so, we’ll see where this technology takes us right now where we’re focused on controlling the ingredients inside the pod.
So the machine works as intended.
But we are coming out now with a line of healthy frozen confections.
It’s a smoothies that are fortified with nutraceuticals and they could be viewed as a meal replacement.
Very exciting.
Okay, now Please don’t break my heart.
But how extensive is this going to be like?
Am I actually going to be able to afford to have one in the house and also be able to afford to have the pods every night that I want to have ice cream?
So we think of between 500 and $1,000 depending on the volume of selling of the machines and then the pods.
Around just under $3 $2.50 to 299 per pot.
Well, I’m really excited to see when the final coldsnap product finally hits the market you sit around, maybe 2022.
So, fingers crossed for that and I am just going to go finish.
This and probably the rest of the other pods too.
So thanks for joining me, Matt.
And stay tuned for more CES 2021 coverage.
Thank you, Lexi.
It’s a real pleasure.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.

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