September 23, 2020
China makes TikTok sale difficult, Apple boots Epic Games - Video

China makes TikTok sale difficult, Apple boots Epic Games – Video

This is seen it and here are the stories that matter right now.
Two bits of news coming out of China could reportedly make potential buyers of popular app Tick Tock such as Microsoft and Oracle.
very wary.
China updated the country’s export control rules on Friday to cover what it considers sensitive technologies, including potentially the apps personalized recommendation engine.
Additionally, China’s official Xinhua News Agency published a commentary on Saturday saying the new rules might mean TickTock parent company ByteDance.
Chinese firm would need to be granted a license before it could sell.
A tweet sent Friday from Chadwick boseman.
Twitter account announcing his passing and heralding his perseverance is now the most Most last tweet ever.
record breaking tweet from Bozeman account includes a black and white photo of the Black Panther star alongside a statement from Bozeman family sharing that he passed away after privately battling colon cancer for four years.
At present, the tweet has over 7.2 Million Likes, as well as hundreds of thousands of tributes from fans and other actors alike.
And finally, it seems Apple dialed up pressure on Epic Games on Friday, banning the company’s developer account and effectively cutting it off from updating its fortnight game on iPhones and iPads.
Apple had said in court proceedings and in public statements earlier, that it is willing to reinstate epics account if the company removes the changes from fortnight while the two companies debated at trial.
Epic CEO Tim Sweeney criticised Apple statement saying the company didn’t have to ban epics account and sharing an attempted fortnight update submitted to Apple saying it would continue to offer alternative payment options.
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