February 25, 2021
CES 2021 Press Day includes robot butlers, rollable phones - Video

CES 2021 Press Day includes robot butlers, rollable phones – Video

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CES2021 kicked off with press day.
It was filled with tech companies announcing all kinds of products from robot Butler’s to 8k TVs.
LGs press event featured its usual collection of cutting edge televisions and smart home appliances.
Including a refrigerator that cleans a water dispenser with UV light.
According to people familiar with the company’s plans, though, the biggest surprise could be the launch of its rollable screen smartphone, which LG teased in video clips during the event.
Samsung unveiled a new lineup of robots at its virtual press conference.
Including the boss handy.
A robotic arm on a rolling platform that can manage basic tasks around the house like cleaning rooms or pouring you a glass of wine.
no release date for bought handy but Samsung also showed off the jet button.
90 AI+.
A robot vacuum with home security features that should launch in 2021.
And finally, medical tech specifically tech aimed at sanitizing surfaces, and air we’re in full effect.
GHSP introduced a new green light ultraviolet light treatment system that kills pathogens in your car.
Well, text out of bot offers hospital grade cleaning via a giant robot that emits UVC light.
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