February 26, 2021
CES 2021 comes to a close, Samsung announces Galaxy S21 lineup - Video

CES 2021 comes to a close, Samsung announces Galaxy S21 lineup – Video

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[SOUND] CES 2021 has officially ended but people aren’t done talking about it.
The most buzz-worthy products and concepts from this year’s show include LG’s Rollable phone which could hit retail sometime this year Samsung’s bot handy a rolling robotic arm that uses AI to decide how hard to grab items around your house.
GM’s flying Cadillac passenger drone, which was a surprise that made a big splash online and razors project Hazel, a futuristic concept that transforms the a 95 facemask into a high tech breathing apparatus.
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Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S21 lineup and it’s all digital unpacked event on Thursday.
There are three phones the S21, S21 plus and S21 Ultra The big focus was on video and photography with Samsung touting that all s 21 models have pro grade cameras.
Samsung also announced the galaxy buds pro a new set of wireless earbuds and a pair of trackers called Samsung SmartTags.
We’ve got first impressions already available on our site.
And finally, US President elect Joe Biden launched a new Twitter account.
Biden says @PresElectBiden will be the account used for official duties as president, but the handle will become @POTUS when his presidency begins at noon on January 20th.
[UNKNOWN] The account will not be inheriting the 33 million followers of the current president, which Twitter decided late last year.
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