November 27, 2020
Care by Volvo shifts to let subscribers swap cars after just 4 months

Care by Volvo shifts to let subscribers swap cars after just 4 months

For $650 a month, you can have an S60 with plenty of bells and whistles.

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Care by Volvo, the only subscription-based vehicle program to really gain momentum in the US, likely got a little more attractive to those pondering the latest alternative to buying or leasing. The Swedish automaker announced on Thursday it will now let subscribers swap out of their current car after just four months.

Prior to this change, if you opted into Care by Volvo, you chose your car, paid a flat monthly rate and had to keep the car for a full year. Swapping in and out of cars every four months sounds like a great way to keep subscribers interested. And let’s be honest, everyone likes getting a new car; imagine that feeling every single year, let alone every four months.

There aren’t any requirements to make the swap at the four-month mark, either. In fact, subscribers can choose another Volvo at any point after four months, so it’s not a now-or-never sort of thing where you need to wait 12 months if you pass on the four-month timeframe. All of the subscription service’s benefits remain as well. A single monthly payment covers your car, insurance, tire protection, maintenance and other services. Subscribers get 1,250 miles to drive the car every month, similar to mileage limits when traditionally leasing a vehicle.

The least expensive way to jump into the program starts with the S60 sedan and XC40 SUV. Both vehicles cost $650 per month, which nets you the R-Design trim. These are very well equipped cars. The XC60 SUV costs $700 and Volvo’s largest SUV, the XC90, costs $750.

If Care by Volvo wasn’t working well, we’d know by now. Plenty of subscription service pilots have come and gone in the past couple of years, but Volvo’s seems to really resonate. Nevertheless, it’s a premium service and in a recession, it’s clearly having to add more value to keep subscribers.

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