February 27, 2021
Cadillac takes to the skies with flying-pod concept - Video

Cadillac takes to the skies with flying-pod concept – Video

Flying cars, whether we’ll ever actually take to the skies in self guided pods, is debatable, but this is not stopping automakers from pursuing the technology.
During its keynote, address at CES, on Tuesday, GM unveiled its first Aero mobility concept, a Cadillac vertical takeoff and landing drone.
While it’s only shown in renders right now, this single seat air taxi is designed to showcase a world where personal air travel is a possibility one where you can soar above traffic and congestion hop from one rooftop to another to attend important business meetings.
This Cadillac concept features a 90 kilowatt hour battery pack that powers four individual rotors and this arrangement supposedly gives the vehicle a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour, which is about 56 miles per hour.
Now range isn’t mentioned, but you’re probably going to want to make sure the battery is fully charged before taking off.
Naturally air to air and air to ground communications are included.
Cadillacs, futuristic, vertical takeoff and landing drone certainly looks cool with its large front window and interesting lighting signature, but those low mounted front rotors, they kinda look a bit hazardous, don’t you think?
I mean, could you imagine tripping and falling into one of those, well, it was spinning?
Wouldn’t be pretty.
This Cadillac branded drone concept is designed to carry just one person but supposedly a two seat model is also in the works in this flying machine.
Along with the other products gmts.
At this year CES is designed to show how.
The automaker is reimagining transportation.
In the not too distant future, I can’t wait to review a Cadillac drone.
I mean, can you imagine how cool it would be if they actually built this thing and it worked as advertised, it would be awesome.
I wonder if they’re also gonna make a black wing version?
I mean, could you imagine it would probably have eight rotors instead of four.

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