March 1, 2021
Cadillac Celestiq: The future of luxury - Video

Cadillac Celestiq: The future of luxury – Video

GM of all companies just unveiled the future of all electric luxury or well it hinted at it because you can’t see much of the new Cadillac Celeste except Brands upcoming Flagship caliber battery-powered sedan.
Yes I said sedan.
Yeah, it’s tough to see in the shadow we footage GM has shared but this altium battery powered for door has a low profile and cab rearward proportions.
Much like the Cadillac lyrik SUV.
This cars grill is broad.
Distinctive and it even lights up just like an old Mercury Sable.
This is the first real glimpse you are getting of the Celeste stick, which GM showed to media and a big battery event early last year.
And when I saw it the profile reminded me a lot of a Hudson Hornet from the 1950s.
With this sweeping roofline and hunkered down stance, it was pretty cool and big.
I mean, this car has serious presence.
Aside from dramatic proportions this future caddy also has plenty of tech It will feature all wheel drive and come with four wheel steering.
But topping things off is a groundbreaking full glass roof divided into four segments.
Each passenger can adjust the transparency to their liking, and the glass color even changes to match the interior ambience.
Speaking of the cabin, it will be constructed of curated handcrafted materials and each silastic will supposedly be designed to reflect its owners individuality.
And is GM hinting that each one will be bespoke.
Now, it kind of sounds like it.
And if that’s the case, you can count on this thing being super expensive.
This car’s cabin is dominated by a dashboard wide infotainment screen that makes what you get in even the new Cadillac Escalade look pretty old fashioned, rear seat passengers get personal displays too plus there are screens on the console, for adjusting the vehicles various comfort settings.
With the Cadillac Celestiq, GM is looking to redefine what, Trick vehicle can be to really raise the bar.
But obviously there are so many unanswered questions right now like, what does it look like?
How much will it cost and when can I buy one but regardless of all of that, based on what I have seen so far, this car is going to be fricking sweet

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