January 19, 2021
Bose Frames 2.0 audio sunglasses review - Video

Bose Frames 2.0 audio sunglasses review – Video

Bose is surprisingly decent sounding frames audio sunglasses are back with three new models.
I’m wearing the tempo sports model, but there are two other new models as well the tenor and soprano.
In this video I’m gonna spend more time on the tempo and tell you why it’s the best.
But I’ll go through what makes all three new frames better than the originals.
Let’s go do this.
All three new frames cost $250, or $50 more than the original Alto and Rondo frames that remain in the line at $200.
We’ve got links for where to buy them in the description below.
The Tenor and the Soprano are designed to look like standard sunglasses They’re a little slicker looking than the original frames that have a glossy finish.
The 10 are fit my face better than the soprano which as its name implies a Bose is targeting at women who like oversized sunglasses.
Those improve the sound in the tempo and soprano in the battery life is better.
It’s up to five and a half hours instead of around three and a half hours.
They play a little louder than the original frames and the bass response is better.
So music sounds a little fuller and richer.
Don’t expect the big bass you get from a standard set of headphones.
Still, the sound is significantly better than what you get from even the best bone conduction headphones like those from aftershocks, which also makes a pair of audio sunglasses.
BOCES all the new models offer improved headset performance for making calls to one microphone system has been replaced by a dual beamforming mic array that quote unquote shields what you’re saying from the wind noise and other nearby conversations.
The hardware and software upgrades are also supposed to help virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.
Understand you better I like using the original for making calls and these are even better.
They’re a little hard to use in noisy environments because your ears are open to the world.
But I could mostly hear people really well and they said they could hear me very clearly, with only a little background noise leaking in.
There’s a single control button on the right template that you can use to answer an end calls it access your voice assistant When you’re listening to music, a single click pauses the audio while a double-click skips the track forward.
For charging, the Tenor and the Soprano use the same magnetic pogo pin USB charger that the original frames did.
But the Tempo goes with USB-C charging, which is nice, because you don’t have to worry about losing the custom pogo pin charger The sport just has better specs all around instead of the 16 millimeter drivers on the tenor and soprano.
It has larger 22 millimeter drivers and it delivers up to eight hours of battery life.BOCES the tempo plays deeper and louder loud enough for cycling at 25 miles an hour, While you’re still able to hear traffic around you and your training partners, their sweat whether scratch and shatter resistant according to Bose and fit under most protective helmets.
In my test, they definitely play louder and have better bass than the tenor and soprano.
Like with those models, you control volume by sliding your finger forward and back on the right temple.
There’s a new volume optimized EQ that [UNKNOWN] says reduces distortion at higher volumes while adding texture to your music at lower volumes.
Again, you’re not going to get the same kind of sound that you get from a pair of $250 headphones, but it’s surprisingly good for a pair of audio sunglasses and the sound is nice and open.
I say the sound on the tempo is about 30 to 40% better than the sound on the original frames.
It’s a noticeable bump in performance.
As recovered, the tempo fits securely in pretty comfortably on my head, and they should fit both men’s and women’s heads just fine.
They are after all, a unisex model.
The temples are a little large and I got a little bounce initially on my nose, but you do get a few different size nose pads that help you get the more secure fit.
I also have another pair of Smith tempo frames, yes the name seems popular for sports classes The Smiths are more comfortable.
That said the tempo did fit me the best of any of the new Bose frames.
And as I said they should fit most people well.
It’s a little more hit and miss with the soprano and the tenor.
.All three new frames have additional lens options available and they are affordable.
That’s beyond stock polarized lenses included with the eyewear with a Tebow I personally prefer a lighter lens and it’s easy to swap lenses in and out.
I wouldn’t say the lenses are top notch but they are decent.
You can also get prescription lenses from third party retailers.
The original frames were pretty good about not leaking that much sound unless someone was standing pretty close to you.
As long as you weren’t cranking the volume all the way up.
People couldn’t even tell you were listening to something.
With these new models you will get more sound leakage, particularly from the tempo and enquire, environments, people will hear whatever audio you’re playing.
If you do have the volume fairly loud, that the majority people will use these outdoors and sound disperses better outsides, you’re probably not going to bother any.
One, two or $3.
These aren’t cheap, but the concept is you’re getting a decent pair of sunglasses with a pair of headphones that don’t actually go in your ears, which has a lot of appeal particularly for runners and bikers, but also for people who want to discreetly listen to audio and not have anybody know you’re doing it.
Say listen to a sporting or news event or doing something else.
They’re certainly great for that.
Well, they’re not gonna sound as good as Bose quietcomfort or sport earbuds.
I did a video of those as well so you should check that out too.
The sound is getting better and these new frames are the best audio sunglasses on the market.
The definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.
I’m David Carter for CNET.
Thanks for watching and let me know what you think in the comment section.

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