September 21, 2020
Blanket your home in Wi-Fi with Tenda Nova's affordable mesh router for $78

Blanket your home in Wi-Fi with Tenda Nova’s affordable mesh router for $78



As unofficial tech support for my extended family, one of the most common complaints I hear is about spotty Wi-Fi coverage. Often I find the router at one end of the house, and poor internet access at the other end. There are a lot of possible solutions: You can move the router to the middle of the house, if possible, or add a Wi-Fi extender. But the best option if you have a lot of square footage to cover is replacing your traditional router with a mesh router. Unfortunately, they can be pretty expensive, and budget-priced models are rare. Here’s one: Right now, the Tenda Nova mesh router MW5 3-pack is just $78. That’s 13% off and the lowest price we’ve ever seen on this model.

The advantage of a mesh router like this Tenda Nova is that each node works like a full-fledged wireless router. They all talk to each other and ensure your data moves around the house as quickly and efficiently as possible, and there’s no messing with extra SSIDs like you would if you got a Wi-Fi extender. It’s all simple and straightforward. Just plug the Nova cube into your modem, and then plug the other two nodes directly into outlets in rooms where the coverage is most needed. And then you manage all the settings and controls on the mobile app.

CNET hasn’t reviewed the Tenda Nova, but the MW5 has 4.1 stars out of about 1,500 ratings on Amazon, and buyer reviews are generally quite positive. Does this have the same wealth of features as a mesh router like a $200 Eero system? No, but it’s dramatically cheaper than the better-known brands. If you want to comparison shop, you can always check out our guide to the best mesh Wi-Fi systems of 2020.

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