April 14, 2021
Big game tech to get the best at-home experience - Video

Big game tech to get the best at-home experience – Video

This is Tech Behind The Game.
I’m Clay Mathews, and this episode focuses on you the fans, and the technologies you can use to enhance your viewing experience both at home and on the go.
Personally, I love the ability that tech gives us to stay tuned in no matter where we are What we’re doing now let’s kick it over to khara, who’s going to guide us through some of the latest devices and impart some advice for you as you get set up for the big game?
Hey clay, let’s start with the obvious.
We’re talking about watching the big game.
So you got to have a big, beautiful television with excellent picture quality.
CNET editors recommend the TCL 6- series For the biggest bang for your buck, this 4k set uses mini LED technology to give the picture good contrast and super brightness for around $1,000.
And when football is over this TV is also great for gaming and it has Roku built in for easy access to your favorite streaming services.
A simple enhancement to any home theater setup is a quality sound bar.
And these days you don’t have to spend a fortune.
The Vizio sb 3621 is one of the only sound bars to receive five stars from CNET editors ,with a price less than $200 This 36 inch soundbar comes with its own subwoofer and as a snap to set up and connect.
The remote control allows you to adjust the bass and treble and it’s Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream music.
Overall the sound is clear and crisp.
When you’re watching the game, you’ll feel like you’re part of the Act.
In this era of coronavirus and social distancing, a lot of fans may wanna take their watch party outside.
To set up your own outdoor theater, all you’ll need is a projector and a screen the speakers are optional.
When buying a projector quality matters.
This one from BenQ offers true black.
Bright, white and vibrant colors and that’s important when you’re watching outside when I might not be completely dark it will cost you around $800, but it’s super portable.
So just think of the possibilities camping, backyard movie nights, and of course more telegating Your watch party is only as good as your screen.
Don’t waste your time projecting onto the side of your house because the wall texture will make your picture look fuzzy.
Instead of freshly ironed white sheet anchor to the corners will work beautifully.
But if outdoor viewing becomes a regular activity, consider investing in a 120 inch backyard screen like this one.
Most projectors have a built in speaker but if you really want that audio to pop, connect portable speakers over Bluetooth.
It’s now easier than ever to watch the big game on the go.
Most cable providers will let you stream the game on their mobile site or app with your login If you’ve cut the cable you can watch it through your streaming service like YouTube TV, Sling TV fubo.
tv and Hulu with live TV.
or download the free CBS Sports app or visit CBS sports.com to watch the game from anywhere.
It’s always fun to play a game.
While you’re watching the game.
your smartphone can help you and your friends play squares, a classic football betting game.
The free iOS and Android app grid kings can easily coordinate your friends pics, create a matchup set the dollar value per square and then send out invites to your friends over text.
Or email.
You can even include your Venmo handle or PayPal address for easy squaring up.
Finally, for some of us watching the big game is as much about the action on the field as it is about the food being served.
And airfryer is a great way to whip up your favorite snacks while saving yourself the mess.
The calories.
CNET editors give this one from cosori top marks.
It will crisp those mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets and french fries to perfection.
These appliances use Hot air to cook eliminating the need to deep fry, but they also work great for other foods.
This model has 11 preset settings to make all sorts of party snacks like stuffed mushrooms, meatballs and wings.
It’s cooking basket is dishwasher safe and it costs around 120 bucks.
There you have it clay.
Now that you’ve got all the right gear for the game, all you have to do is sit back and relax.
Great recommendations from car there.
I learned a lot about how to smarten up my home entertainment setup, and how to get the best experience if I’m mobile too.
I’m clay Matthews, and I’ll see you at the game.

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