March 7, 2021
Biden to be sworn in as president, India pushes back against WhatsApp - Video

Biden to be sworn in as president, India pushes back against WhatsApp – Video

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Joe Biden is set to be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States at the presidential inauguration ceremony on Wednesday.
Security has been tightened in DC following a deadly attack on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump on.
January 6. While there won’t be the crowds seen in years past, there will be stopped performances and a virtual right across America for those watching at home.
opening remarks and the official swearing in are set to begin around 11:30am Eastern Time.
Joe Biden has already set out an ambitious policy agenda, announcing a $1.9 trillion stimulus package to support Americans through the pandemic.
And a goal of administering a hundred million COVID vaccine doses in his first 100 days.
Beyond the pandemic Biden also faces plenty of challenges around the tech sector including ongoing antitrust reforms, the regulation of big Tech and the rise of disinformation on social media And finally India has called on WhatsApp to withdraw its new privacy policy in an email to WhatsApp reported in tech crunch.
India’s IT ministry said it had grave concerns about the lack of choice.
WhatsApp was giving Indian users.
The country represents whatsapps biggest market.
On Friday WhatsApp said it would postpone the rollout of the policy over concerns about how it plans to share data with parent company Facebook.
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