April 13, 2021
Biden says US will have enough COVID-19 vaccines for every American by end of July

Biden says US will have enough COVID-19 vaccines for every American by end of July


James Martin/CNET

The Biden administration has bought enough doses of¬†COVID-19 vaccines to cover 300 million people in the US by the end of July, President Joe Biden said Thursday afternoon, though this doesn’t mean everyone will be vaccinated by then.

“We’ve now purchased enough vaccine supply to vaccinate all Americans,” Biden said.

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Actually administering the vaccines to all Americans could take longer because vaccinations are managed at a state and local level.

“Just this afternoon, we signed the final contracts for 100 million more Moderna and 100 million more Pfizer vaccines,” Biden said, adding that he also got the companies to agree to moving up the delivery dates of 100 million doses promised by the end of June to the end of May, and the remaining 200 million to be delivered by the end of July.

Here’s where to get a COVID-19 shot, and how to track how many vaccines are available in your state.

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