April 11, 2021

Biden orders supply chain reviews, Fry’s Electronics shuts down – Video

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President Joe Biden met with a group of lawmakers on Wednesday to discuss supply chain issues and shortages surrounding semiconductors, critical minerals, pharmaceuticals and electric vehicle batteries.
Biden signed an executive order launching a 100 day review in an attempt to mitigate supply chain risk.
The order also calls for in-depth reviews involving other critical supply chains, including defense and energy.
After almost 36 years in business, consumer electronics, retailer fries is closing its doors for good.
The company released a statement saying it had ceased operations in all 31 remaining retail locations, This had begun winding down the business.
fries cited challenges due to the pandemic and changes in the retail industry as reasons for shuttering fries was known for its elaborately themed stores.
And finally, robotics company Boston Dynamics isn’t happy with the latest use of its infamous Robo Dog spot.
Creative Studio mischief launched an app allowing random visitors 2 minutes each to remotely control a modified spot robot.
Armed with a paintball gun, the robot is inside a controlled location.
But Boston Dynamics released the statement condemning the stunt saying it misrepresents spots intended purpose.
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