May 26, 2020
Avoid touching anything with this $18 antimicrobial hand tool

Avoid touching anything with this $18 antimicrobial hand tool


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Since the start of the coronavirus, I’ve had the immortal words of Sgt. Apone ringing in my head, when he admonished the Colonial Marines in the movie Aliens: “Nobody touch nothin’.” Good advice when exploring a deserted space colony, and good advice when venturing outdoors during a global pandemic. I never imagined I’d ever write these words, but here goes: If you want to avoid having to press buttons, open doors and generally touch stuff with your bare hands, add a hand tool to your key ring. Right now, you can get CleanKey’s Antimicrobial Brass Hand Tool for $18 when you use discount code CHEAP10 at checkout.

The CleanKey tool is currently selling for $20 at ZDNet Academy Deals, and this code nets you an extra $2 savings, which is a total of 28% off.

The idea here is that by putting a tool like this on your key ring, you can avoid touching stuff — it becomes a pointer you can use to press ATM and checkout point-of-sale card reader buttons, for example. It has a hook that you can use to snag levers and door handles. And since it’s made with 62% copper, it’s somewhat antimicrobial, in theory slowing down the spread of bacteria and other microorganisms without using any sort of spray or cleaner. 

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